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Audi CEO Thought He Could Bill The Company For His $14k Party, He Was Wrong

Audi CEO Rupert Stadler got just a tad bit carried away with a company-funded beer drinking competition last year that was so lavish it cost $14,000, according to CNN. About 30 executives attended the shindig, and there was even a Bavarian brass band flown in exclusively for the event.

The CEO held nothing back in regards to expenses, and it ended up being a big one for him personally, because he had to fork over the $14k out of his own pocket after the company flagged the massive sum of charges. CNN reported that the cost breaks down to a hefty $450 a person.

That’s a lot of beer.


 On the bright side, I’m sure it made for some great team bonding. I’m also sure that the CEO of a luxury car company like Audi won’t have too tough of a time coming up with that kind of money.

It’s just pretty spectacular that he thought the company would pay for his obscenely expensive party habits in the first place. This kind of party sounds like something you couldn’t even get away with here at the Foodbeast office.

Volkswagen was already in hot water prior to this scandal after they cheated on emission tests that CNN reports will cost them $14.7 billion dollars, so I doubt VW was happy with Rupert for pulling this one.

By Lauren Urrea

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