Artist Builds Model City From Potatoes

It took artist Peter Root three weeks to create his city of potatoes with nothing more than a knife, a bicycle repair kit, 176 pounds of potatoes, and a dream. Root’s cityscape, which he named Plot, was created in Istanbul, Turkey. Though Plot was not modeled directly from from the Istanbul, Root says that he’s taken certain aspects of the city into the design.

“I chose potatoes because they are available in abundance and are amazing things to sculpt with,” Root told The Sun. The British artist felt there were so many different ways to work with potatoes because of it’s various densities.

Root put a meticulous amount of detail into the city’s skyscrapers, city blocks, buildings, mosques, and hundreds of windows. He also added that, “I didn’t have to peel all of them because I decided to leave the skin on some of them to encourage them to sprout and grow shoots.

via: The Sun Photos: Peter Root

By Peter Pham

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