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Are Subway Restaurants Testing a Line of Nachos?

If Subway expanded their menu to include nachos, apparently, this is how they would look.

According to pictures of signage snapped at a Subway location nestled within a Nashville, Tennessee Wal-Mart, Subway Nachos appear to include Doritos, nacho cheese, and jalapenos.

The combination is not exactly what we’d expect from Subway, but the idea of the sandwich chain’s theme of customization adds some interesting depth to what would be a rather underwhelming product launch from. Imagine customizing your nachos with avocados, meatballs, or maybe some Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki? Now that’s some depth.

The base of Doritos nachos is simple, but the possibilities are endless. There is also no word on whether this is just some franchisee’s creative doing, or a possible regional test for a possible national product launch. That’s pretty official looking signage though.

This begs the question, if Subway made nachos, what would you put on them? I for one would skip the Doritos and maybe go the Kettle Cooked chips route, crumble up some feta, jalapenos, spinach, and maybe some of that chipotle sauce? Goodness…now the idea of Subway Nachos doesn’t sound so ridiculous.

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They are also in a Subway store in Huntley, IL.  I’m guessing that means they aren’t franchise, regional launch still possible.  Google search shows very few results, but they are available for online order in the UK!

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