Arby’s Suddenly Regrets Turning Away Police Officer, Allegedly


The Pembroke Pines Police Department in Florida is pretty steamed with a local Arby’s after a worker allegedly refused to serve one of its officers.

Sergeant Jennifer Martin was allegedly mistreated at the local fast food chain and denied service.

According to the employee, 19-year-old Kenny Davenport, he was busy with orders and asked his manager to cover his register. The manager supposedly made a joke that the employee didn’t want to take Martin’s order because she was a cop.

Allegedly, the manager laughed about his Davenport’s right to refuse service to the officer. When Martin did received her food, she asked for a refund being “uncertain” about the condition of her meal.

Davenport said the manager made an unfortunate joke and that he was just trying to clear out the drive-thru when he left Martin.

The Pembroke police chief said that the incident is unacceptable and that they’ll be contacting Arby’s CEO for an apology. There have already been protests against the Arby’s as well as those demanding the worker involved’s termination.

Arby’s CEO, Paul Brown, personally called the police department to apologize for what happened to Martin. Corporate is currently investigating the isolated incident closely.



By Peter Pham

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