Apparently Toy Guns are All You Need to Rob a White Castle


Let’s face it, robberies are hard. Between the costs of the gun and the getaway car, not to mention health insurance (for all those on-the-job work injuries), it’s no wonder budding thieves need to steal so much. They’re just trying to make a profit, the angels.

Well budget bandits, fret no more. There’s at least one White Castle out there where all you need to make a quick buck is a threatening note and a water gun.

It worked for one Miss Michelle Faye White, after all. Back in August of 2011, White pulled off perhaps the most cost-efficient robbery in these modern times, at a White Castle in Missouri. And all it took was getting out of her van, shimmying through the drive-thru window, flashing a red water pistol and a note that read “Give me your money or I will shot [sic] you” and watching as employees fled in terror.

She managed to escape with $617.

Of course, the getaway wasn’t completely clean. After being tracked to her apartment, White tried to escape again and wound up falling from the roof of her apartment building and later getting sentenced to 15 years in prison.

But still, all that fuss for a water gun? Not bad, miss White. Not bad.

H/T St. Louis Post-Dispatch

By Dominique Zamora

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