Anti-Theft Pint Glass Explodes Ink If You Try to Steal It


Apparently, stealing pint glasses from pubs is becoming a worldwide dilemma. At least, a serious enough issue that cider-maker Kopparberg rolled out a new set of pint glasses bearing “custom-made security tags.” In order to prevent customers from walking out with their precious glassware, Kopparberg installed tags (similar to the ones attached to clothes at retail stores) that explode with ink if carried more than 100 meters away from the bar.

Although the company insists that this anti-theft gadget is not meant to “punish people,” we see it going terribly wrong anyway. What happens when you’ve had a few drinks and the girl you’ve been eyeing all night suddenly runs out of the pub with her gaggle of girls? Without thinking, you grab your pint of beer (of course), and chase after. Unfortunately, your forgot about that pesky “security tag” and just as you’re about to catch up with her, it explodes, splattering you in ink from head to toe. Hardly the ideal first impresson.

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By Charisma Madarang

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My dad used to steal a bunch of glassware from bars and clubs in Germany and Denmark in the ’80s. He still has them but has never really used any of them. And they are really large glasses.

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