Anti-Gay Supporters JUST Raised $842,592 To Keep That Homophobic Pizza Shop Open

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The pizza shop in Indiana that got a lot of flack over its refusal to cater its pizza at gay weddings just raised $842,592 to keep it open.

Business Insider reported that because of all of the national exposure the Memories Pizza shop has received over the past week, the owners have closed down their shop, unsure if they’ll ever open again because of the multiple death threats and harassing phone calls they’ve received.

Supporters of all things anti-gay rallied together as they usually do (See chick-Fil-A) and started a Glen-Beck supported fundraiser through Go Fund Me, trying to get the business back on its feet. The donations are now closed and they raised almost $1 million dollars from 29,166 individual donors.


To counter this counter, an LGBT Go Fund Me campaign was started, but didn’t get quite as much support towards their $100,000 goal. As of this writeup, they’re sitting at $26,855 raised:



As we saw last week, Memories Pizza in Walkerton, Indiana attributed its decision to the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, which was signed in Indiana March, 31, essentially saying that folks in Indiana have the right to exercise their religious beliefs.

While the owners said they wouldn’t refuse service to anyone who went in their restaurant, regardless of sexual orientation, or religion, the gay community is still pissed that they can’t have pizza from a random pizza shop in Indiana at their weddings.

The hosts of these late night shows pretty much summed up the whole ordeal pretty nicely:

Since the little shop never took the time to make a website for its business, someone took the liberty of taking the domain name and made a satirical site with photos of phallic-shaped pizzas and pictures of the owner saying, “I love the gays.” The site has since been redirected to an LGBT, It Gets Better project.


To further beat down the restaurant, angry Yelpers gathered by the hundreds leaving one-star reviews and taking the chance to jump on the Yelp soap box to discuss gay rights.

Sprinkled in between were restaurant supporters with just as bogus reviews, except theirs had a lot of ‘Murica tones to them. Very few reviews were about the restaurant and its product. Most reviewers were from places like California and New York, and some reviews admitted to never visiting the shop, so Yelp took the liberty of deleting almost all irrelevant reviews, although they keep pouring in as we speak:


yelper 2












No word yet on Memories Pizza re-opening, but the money’s there, along with patiently waiting protesters.

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