Dominique Ansel Debuts A Gorgeous Watermelon Soft Serve That Screams Summer

Dominique Ansel never runs short on innovative, eye-catching dessert creations, so while this new watermelon soft serve should come as no surprise, it is still beautiful, and looks like something to put on your dessert bucket list.

Ansel’s bakery in Tokyo, Japan introduced their new What-a-Melon Soft Serve to commemorate its two-year anniversary. The house-made watermelon soft serve, with beautiful ripples accenting its beauty, is served inside a slice of watermelon, securing the cold treat like a wallet.

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No, you’re not going crazy, those freakishly giant watermelon seeds aren’t real, but instead are chocolate versions. To finish off the refreshing treat, the bakery provides some sea salt to top the whole thing with, at your leisure.

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By Isai Rocha

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