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Dominique Ansel’s All-You-Can-Eat Pie Buffet Features AL PASTOR PIE

Dominique Ansel is putting together an Avengers-like ensemble of figureheads for an upcoming all-you-can-eat pie buffet. One of the most intriguing creations for the event, however, is an Al Pastor Pie of his own design.

Photo courtesy of 189 by Dominique Ansel

That pie, featured at the top of the above photo, is one of many that will be available at Pie Nights, a four-night dinner and experience at Ansel’s Los Angeles restaurant, 189. The Al Pastor pie comes with slow-cooked al pastor, spit-roasted pineapple, corn, tomato, chilies, and lime, making it one of the more unique savory pies in the ensemble.

Al pastor, in particular, has already been at the heart of some fusions, like the viral Al Pastor Pizza, so it’s interesting to see it being used in another format.

Other pies at this lineup include a chocolate cream pie designed by Wolfgang Puck, a brisket shepherd’s pie from the mind of Aaron Franklin, green chile chicken pot pie from Jesse Tyler Ferguson, and a sour cherry crostata imagined by legendary food writer Ruth Reichl.

Pie Nights will happen from October 8th-11th, with two 90-minute seatings available each night at 6 and 8pm. Tickets, which go on sale on this website at 12 PM PST on September 20th, are $59 for all-you-can-eat pie plus ice cream to get the sweet ones a la mode. A special craft cocktail you can top off throughout the night will also be served, as well as warm mulled cider for the road home.

By Constantine Spyrou

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