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Anonymously Send A Bag Of D*cks To Your Enemies


Have an enemy? You can anonymously send them a tootsome doo-dooan envelope full of glitter, OR a bag of penis-shaped gummies thanks to D*cks By Mail. The company pockets your $15 and in return mails off the package of gummy packages to your worst enemy along with a note that instructs them to eat a bag of d*cks. Quick question: do the candies taste bad? If so, okay, yes, that is stone cold Steve Austin. I do NOT wanna be on your bad side. If not — if they’re just regular, delicious gummies — then the sender is the real sucker here. I mean, spending $15 to tell someone they’re a jerk using candy? C’mon now yall. It’s doesn’t matter what shape it comes in! Candy is candy is candy is candy.


Written by Brittany High of Incredible Things

By Incredible Things

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