This 5-Year-Old’s Lemonade Stand Just Raised $25,000 For Her Sick Brother


If this story doesn’t pull on your heart strings, there’s something wrong with you.

CTV News reported that A 5-year-old girl in Toronto, Canada just raised over $25,000 selling lemonade for her sick brother.

Na’ama Uzan was the little business-savvy kid supporting her 7-year-old brother with a rare neurological disability called Angelman Syndrome. This particular disability makes it tough to walk, or even speak and there is currently no cure for it.

So Na’ama set up a lemonade stand last year and has been selling lemonade and pastries, hoping in her kind heart that she could raise a little money for a cure.


In less than a year, she has raised over $25,000, a lot of it coming from a couple in California who helped by raising $20,000 in support of a cure and even set up a research grant in Uzan’s honor. David Low and his partner put in the work to raise the money as their son also has Angelman Syndrome.

That’s one hell of a positive way to make use of the lemons that life gives you.

h/t mashable, picthx ctv

By Isai Rocha

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