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Andre The Giant Holding A 12-Ounce Beer Can Almost Looks Photoshopped

Former WWE wrestler Andre the Giant was a  7-foot-4, 520-pound monster, who once drank 156 beers in one sitting, and when you see what those cans of beer looked like in his hands, it makes sense how he could chug so much.

ESPN sports business analyst, Darren Rovell, tweeted out a photo of the wrestling legend holding a 12-ounce can in his bear-like hands, along with a photo of 7′ 7″ former NBA player Gheroghe Muresan holding a Coke can in his own giant hands.

At least in the photo, it looks like Andre was a fan of Molson Canadian beer, as the original image came from an old Sports Illustrated article in the December 21, 1981 issue. SI said the photographer wanted to use a prop that would properly illustrate (no pun intended) the enormity of Andre’s hands, which the can did so effectively.

The beer looks so tiny, you’d think the image was Photoshopped, but Andre was the type of guy who could palm your head, so it shouldn’t seem far-fetched that everyday things looked miniature in his mits.

If cans were made that tiny-looking, everyone would be knocking back 156 beers. Well, not really. That’s still a bit excessive by any standards, but that’s why Andre was the undisputed champion of alcohol tolerance.

By Isai Rocha

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