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Alvin Cailan Bites Into Burger Culture With New ‘The Burger Show’ Series


Eggslut creator, Alvin Cailan is on a mission to figure out whats hot in burger culture today. Chefs are experimenting with the quintessential American staple with new ingredients and styles and it takes an expert sandwich aficionado to determine what’s poppin’ and what’s not.

With California having the most burger joints in America, it’s only fitting that the creator of one of the best breakfast sandwiches across the coast should be the one to dive deep into burgers across the states.

In each episode of First We Feast’s “The Burger Show,” Cailan and a different burger expert unpack a modern spin on one of the nation’s most popular meals.

To better understand the mindset that goes into each episode, Foodbeast got a chance to ask a few questions to the master of breakfast sandwiches turned burger adventurer.


What’s your elevator pitch for The Burger Show? Are you strictly reviewing burgers or is there a specific culture around burgers that you delve into?

Most people know me for breakfast sandwiches at Eggslut. But deep down, I’m really a burger fanatic. I wanted to understand not just how to make different burgers, but also dive deeper into the culture. In one episode, we explore the wave of tricked-out gourmet burgers to see if luxury upgrades are worth it. In another episode, we talk to a burger scholar about America’s classic regional burgers.



How’d the concept for the whole show come about?

The director, Justin Bolois and I, have known each other for a while, and we both have a love for burgers. When the opportunity of a burger show came up, he asked me to be a part of it knowing that we both nerd out about burgers. It really was a way to explore my obsession and meet people like Matty Matheson and Binging with Babish who share similar interests.


In-N-Out or Shake Shack?

In-N-Out. I grew up eating it in LA and have been eating it my whole life. In-N-Out holds the flavors of home.


What’s your favorite fast-food burger, your favorite fancy burger?

My favorite fast food burger is from In-N-Out, 3×3 with onions and no lettuce or tomato. My favorite fancy burger would probably be from 4 Charles Prime Rib. It’s not really fancy, but it’s made with great ingredients.


What would the signature “Alvin Cailan Burger” be?

Perfectly toasted sesame bun, two thin beef patties, layered with American cheese, lightly grilled onions and tomato aioli.


Most overrated ingredient included in burgers?



Is ketchup really necessary in a burger?

Not at all.


Craziest burger you’ve ever eaten so far?

The burger from Serendipity was a little too much for me personally.


What’s your tip(s) for making the best burger?

Pre-seasoning your beef patty with salt and pepper, and letting it rest for 30 minutes before cooking so that the seasoning has a chance to flavor it inside and out.


Would you open a burger joint yourself

Absolutely! It’s always been a dream of mine to have a burger stand. Nothing crazy, just a simple burger stand.


Watch “The Burger Show” on First We Feasts Houtube channel here.

By Rishu Bhardwaj

Rishu's biggest dream and worst nightmare is to one day turn into a pizza.