Apparently Allen Iverson Was Drunk During His Infamous ‘Practice’ Rant


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Alcohol can often lead you to make questionable decisions, but it can also lead to some pretty memorable moments.

For former NBA star Allen Iverson, one of the most memorable moments of his career was allegedly created after getting tipsy.

According to ESPN, a new book written by journalist Kent Babb claims that Iverson was a drunk during his legendary “Practice” rant.

For those who don’t remember, during a press conference in 2002, the basketball player was pretty irritated by a reporter’s question about him missing practice. Iverson famously said, 22 times, “We’re talking about practice?”

Babb spoke to Daily News columnist John Smallwood, who was at the press conference, and Smallwood said:

“He was lit. If he had been sober, he would have been able to get himself out of that. He never would’ve gone down that path. Maybe you had to have been around him all the time to know the difference, but we all knew.”

Babb also spoke to Iverson’s former coach and general manager, both giving the impression that the Philadelphia 76ers superstar was inebriated.

Former Coach Larry Brown said, “I assumed he went and fooled around somewhere,” while tipping his hand like up to his face like a bottle. Then former general manager Billy King said he could tell something was wrong with Iverson because that press conference was out of character.

If the basketball gods can hear us, Iverson will respond to these rumors by Tweeting, “We’re talking about drinking?” 22 times.

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