Double-Decker Train Gets Converted into the First Mobile Starbucks


Starbucks partnered with Swiss Train Company SSB to convert a double-decker train into the first mobile coffee store on a train. The sleek car runs from Geneva Airport to St. Gallen, and is exclusively in Switzerland, for now.


The car is designed to be cozy, with a bar area on the floor and a comfortable seating area on the upper deck for commuters with further to go.  It’s furnished with a carpeted floor, textured wood tables, and leather chairs.  There’s even a coffee waiter to deliver your orders to you on the upper deck, meaning no wobbly walks up and down the train with potentially scalding liquid. Well played Starbucks, well played. Looks like Amtrack will have to step its game up.


H/T + PicThx Fast Company

By Nora Landis-Shack

Nora Landis-Shack was born to be a foodie. With a classically trained French chef for a father, she’s been exploring new tastes since she was big enough to help chop vegetables for dinner. Pig’s feet, frog’s legs, and tripe are delicious child’s play. Which isn’t to say she doesn’t love a great steak. Because she does. With frites, please.

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