After Listening to Reddit Advice, this Bakery Went Through an Amazing Transformation


Just 19 days ago, a young girl in Ayr, Scotland posted the following to Reddit: “My dad’s new cake shop. Really want it to succeed but it’s been pretty quiet so far.” The post linked to photos of her father’s little cake shop Le Petite Patisserie.


Chocolate teardrop filled with a baileys and white chocolate mousse



Dark chocolate ganache with cherry kirsch



However, while the desserts were no doubt superb, she admitted that the bakery was struggling.




So, Redditors did what they do best and gave their two cents and then some. Many noted that it was difficult to tell it was a bakery from the outside and that prominent signage would help draw passerby in. Others suggested that she and her father hand out tiny samples in the streets, dress up the store window so people could tell its a bakery from the outside, and to serve coffee so that the smell would give people an incentive to walk in. Many reminded her that the business and social media side of running an eatery was just as important as the pastries.

Someone even offered to make the bakery a website, free of charge.



Not one to take this valuable information lightly, the young girl and her father went to implementing everybody’s advice. 19 days later, La Petite Patisserie saw a major improvement. A frame chalkboard was added to the front of the store, a website was made, an official logo was created to help brand the company and the interior was tweaked for a cozier, quainter atmosphere.



A fresh display case.



Fruit tartlets were added at the suggestion of Redditors…


…as well as the addition of a cream egg cheesecake — a unique, signature item that’s now flying off the shelves.



The father and daughter duo below.


Le Petite Patisserie is located in Ayr, Scotland in Cow Wynd. They’re open  10 am to 4:30 pm, Monday to Saturday.

Picthx reddit

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