Adventure: Which Wich (Fullerton, CA)

One thing that helps me persevere through the long days of being a student is the new and convenient sandwich joint right across campus known as Which Wich. The expanding sandwich chain makes use of its understanding that their customers aren’t all the same, allowing a level of customizability that rivals Subway.

Their business model may seem similar to rival sandwich chains, but the customizability is the last point of comparison the consumer has against the brand. Having more then 50 customizable “wiches”, this place takes the saying “The Way You Like It” to a whole new level, check out how!

Which Wich is known for its revolutionary ordering system. You first find the bag with the category you want, grab a red marker, and mark up the pre-printed menu on the sandwich bag. Select your sandwich, then choose the bread, cheese, spreads, and veggies. Your very own Which Wich is prepared just the way you want it and delivered in your personalized sandwich bag:

I went with the Italian Which Wich on white bread and got the “Grinder”, which contains Salami, Pepperoni and Capicola!

11 different types of cheeses, 4 different types of mustards, 10 different types of spreads and sauces and 6 different types of dressings are on deck. Which will you choose?

As if those choices weren’t enough, I decided to throw on some veggies and kicked it up a notch with some oil & spices!

That’s me!

I forgot to mention that these guys also have customizable shakes! I kept it healthy with a strawberry & banana shake!

Wich Krispies and Brownies!

The strawberry/banana alongside the Italian Grinder Which Wich was bomb!

When you’re finished eating, decorate your customizable bag and hang it on the wall!

Which Wich is a fun, out of the ordinary place to get a tasty unique sandwich. Check out the website to find a location near you, or stop by the California State University, Fullerton location and grab a bite with me (#notcreepyatall).

2720 Nutwood., Ste B

Fullerton, CA 92831

(714) 869-3820

By Andrew Musclemilk

Andrew spends his time between the gym, the basketball courts, the other gym, eating protein, and locating new gyms.

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