Adventure: Costco Dinner (Free Samples)

One of my longest running intricacies is secretly loathing and mocking those who turn a Costco shopping trip into a free-lunch by making laps around their free-sample tables. So for this post only, we’ll forget that it’s ridiculous. If you have never enjoyed the plentiful bounties that Costco brings to this world through free samples, you’re not using your club card to its maximum potential. From their isles of  refrigerated and baked goods, to their mouth-watering ready-to-go platters, come with us as we get classy and put together a dinner of Costco free samples!

Our first part of dinner involved Costco’s wide variety of chips and nachos. Above is your basic tortilla chips that have been topped with beans and a graded three cheese blend! Next on the menu we had Kettle Chips with a sour cream dipping sauce.

The basic condiments of chips and dip weren’t cutting it, so we decided to order some of their famous spicy chicken wings! Here are some of the chefs that were preparing our dishes.

After devouring a couple of whole chickens, we decided to try their version of a Sloppy Joe! This was basically a thin low-carb bagel that had been stuffed with BBQ pulled beef, it was delicious!

Here is a close up of our Foodbeasts Jenny O’ Kay Kim and Ally-J-Kanye having a field day with their meals!

Steak and cheese quesadilla definitely got my attention!

O yeah… It must have slipped my mind, I had requested a personal bartender that was serving up margaritas on the spot! Not a big deal…

As you can tell, Jenny is taking full advantage and letting loose!

All in all, our adventure with Costco free samples was pretty delicious. From their margaritas to their BBQ pulled beef bagels, it was totally worth borrowing my dad’s membership card. After wining and dining these bishes, you best believe they put out! Speaking of which, here’s Ally-J Kanye getting her sausage game on, immediately after our Costco Buffet.

By Andrew Musclemilk

Andrew spends his time between the gym, the basketball courts, the other gym, eating protein, and locating new gyms.

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