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Adventure: Carl’s Jr. x Green Hornet at Comic Con

This week I headed down to San Diego to show Comic Con how FoodBeast does it big. More importantly I attended the private party press junket for “The Green Hornet,” directed by Michel Gondry. If you haven’t seen the trailer to this film, which stars Seth Rogen and Christoph Waltz, then you need to get with it. Seems like Gondry has created another interesting flick with some fascinating special effects, not to mention with Seth involved it should be a funny one.

While there, I got to enjoy the exquisite hors d’oeuvres and a little bubbly. Okay, I’ll be honest, lots and lots of free alcohol. God bless the entertainment industry. Beautiful ladies all around dressed in the spirit of The Green Hornet and waitresses walking around offering some delicious Carl’s Jr. sandwiches with your choice of onion rings or natural cut fries. Carl’s Jr.’s main man, Happy Star, was living the dream that night. Every time I looked over his way, Romeo had a group of the crime-fighting Green Hornettes smothering him.

Every one from the Sony marketing directer to the writer of ‘The Green Hornet’ were schmoozing with drinks in hand and western bacon cheeseburgers while being surrounded by beautiful cars and gorgeous ladies.

I do have to point out one disappointment, Seth Rogen is far from being a FoodBeast. This guy did not drink or eat anything the whole night. Michel Gondry on the other hand was a true Beast, in his own way of course. As he drank his wine, I got to ask him what his favorite dish he likes to enjoy on a Sunday afternoon. His reply? Beat Salad, because it makes your poop purple. He really is out of his mind, but I’ll continue to enjoy his movies. A surprise guest and a favorite of mine was Eli Roth, gracing the scene with his devilish grin and soon enough leaving the evening fashionably early with Christoph. I guess these Basterds have better things to do, perhaps destroy the world and scalping heads as they go.

Keep a look out for “The Green Hornet” which will be in theaters January 14th, 2011 in 3D. Also, stay tuned for some information regarding Carl’s Jr.’s involvement with the film, you won’t want to miss it!

By Marc Kharrat

Known for having a shiny head with an impeccable beard, Marc loves everything and anything noodles. Watching him slurp them can be considered a hard PG-13 rating.

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