Almost 1,000 Chickens Beaten to Death with Golf Club During Foster Farms Break-in


The Huffington Post reports that someone broke into a poultry plant near Fresno, Calif., early on Sept. 20 and clubbed almost 1,000 chickens to death with a golf club. Police say that the chicken assailant snuck into the chicken sheds at a Foster Farms site and killed 920 chickens before leaving the scene.

The estimated damage of the chicken carnage is $5,000. While this is considered to be a random act of violence, the Fresno County Sheriff’s Department is looking for leads to the chicken killer. Foster Farms has since issued a statement calling the incident an “unconscionable act of animal cruelty.”

Because a piece of the golf club was discovered at the scene of the incident, police suspect it was the weapon used in the assault; another weapon may have been used as well.

H/T Huffington Post

By Peter Pham

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