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9 Bizarre Instances Where Food Turned Into Fashion

Dior, Balenciaga, Oscar de la Renta, Oscar Meyer… one of these Oscars is not like the other. Or are they? While the average person might think food belongs on a plate or in our stomachs, others find food fashionable. Yes, in the wear-it-on-your-body kind of way. If you think this is just a stunt that Lady Gaga can pull off, you’ll be shocked by how many times people turned perfectly good food into perfectly bizarre items of clothing. Check out these nine strange instances where food turned into fashion.

Dorito Dress

Photo: Linea Stenfors

And you thought you loved Doritos. This dress is made of real Doritos chips, is edible, and looks great on olive skin tones. You have to imagine, though, if you get that orange dust on your fingers just from reaching into a Doritos bag, this cannot be a pretty sight after the fact.

Kombucha Jacket


Photo: Motherboard Vice

If you’ve never heard of kombucha before, it’s a highly fermented tea which is supposed to have amazing health properties. The tea leaf also has some tremendous fashion properties, too! Kombucha tea leaves can be made into a variety of eco-friendly clothing. Their take on motorcycle jackets are the most popular item manufactured. Shout out to all the eco-conscious bikers out there!

Meat Dress

Photo: Food and Wine

We all remember this, right? Lady Gaga showed up to the MTV Music Video Awards in 2010 wearing a meat dress. That’s not a slang for anything. She wore an actual dress entirely made up meat — right down to the little flat iron cut she wore as a hat. Fierce.

Chocolate Gown


Photo: New in Zurich

Every year, the Salon du Chocolat in Paris, France brings together fashion designers and chocolatiers to dress the models for their annual chocolate runway show. That means that the dresses are made of chocolate. I wouldn’t dare break a sweat in this dress. Yikes. It would be like Nesquik up in there.

Vegetable Outfit


Photo: Apolivia Couture

In Mulhouse, France there is a celebration every year called Folie’Flore. The festival features displays with different foods being used in creative ways — including clothing like this all veggie ensemble. This getup is on a mannequin, but I have to wonder if someone actually ever wore this gown and accessories.

Pasta Dress


Photo: Fairy Filigree

An Italian designer has on display a dress made of different varieties of pasta. While I can’t imagine this is comfortable, I am a huge fan of all thing carbohydrates myself (especially pasta), so this designer dress is a dream come true.

Skittles Dress


Photo: Awesome Inventions

She would make Lady Gaga so proud. To compete (and then go on to win) in a “Sweet Like Beauty” contest, this woman made a dress entirely comprised of Skittles. Four thousand Skittles were used to make the outfit and, surprisingly, they were all still intact for her red carpet premiere of the dress. If that were me, there would be some embarrassing holes in this dress.

Bread Skirt


Photo: Dalla Notte

A bakery in Port Townsend, Washington made a few fun little pieces… entirely made of bread. With this bread skirt also came a croissant dough shawl, because it would be a huge fashion don’t to just wear the bread skirt. Obviously.

Microgreen Scarf


Photo: Hamama Greens

More of a clothing accessory than an actual clothing piece, but it’s fun to see all of the different designs for scarves and other accessories that Hamama Greens have come up with for their new microgreen growing kits. They actually do look pretty fashionable – and pretty tasty, too.

By Tessa Newell

Tessa lives and writes in Sturbridge, Massachusetts where she hoards an obnoxiously large collection of scarves and puts queso cheese on everything she sees. Although she looks short and tiny, Tessa can eat several cheeseburgers in one sitting and will do anything for a spoonful of peanut butter. Or a whole jar, whichever.

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