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9 Sweet Ways To Turn Grilled Cheese Into A Dessert

I think we owe the grilled cheese an apology. Two pieces of bread, butter, cheese — is that all we think the grilled cheese can do? Well, no more. It’s time we bust grilled cheeses out of the box we’ve put it in and let them explore their true potential!

First and foremost, the dessert grilled cheese. You heard right. Dessert. Grilled. Cheese. Prepare to appreciate grilled cheeses in a whole new way when you take in these nine takes on the grilled cheese sandwich.

Nutella, Strawberry and Brioche Grilled Cheese

Nutella, Mascarpone, Pistachio, Strawberry on Brioche Grilled Cheese #19

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Did I also mention that whipped mascarpone and crunchy pistachios are also stuffed into this bad boy? It just gets better and better. Brioche is the perfect dessert cheese to use, and I think we all know that Nutella goes with EVERYTHING. Literally everything.

Blueberry and Brie Grilled Cheese 

Photo courtesy of Savory Simple

Sweet brie and juicy blueberries make the most unexpected grilled cheese combo. I would also pack in some blueberry jam to add some extra sweetness. Top it off with a healthy heaping of powdered sugar and you’ve got yourself a simple, but dessert-worthy grilled cheese.

Bananas Foster Grilled Cheese

News flash: cream cheese is a cheese too. Even better is when cream cheese is paired with bananas, caramel, and Biscoff cookie spread. Melt all that together on two thick slices of French bread: the most dessert-like of all the breads.

Donut Grilled Cheese

I need this in my life. Donut grilled cheese. #foodporn #donut #grilledcheese #donutgrilledcheese #lordhavemercy

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A little salty and sweet treat, the dessert portion of the grilled cheese is all in the bread here—or all in the donut, in this case. Good ol’ American cheese is the way to go here; it’ll really play up the salty and sweet combination more than a saccharine cheese, like brie, would.

Funfetti Ricotta Grilled Cheese

Our friends over at POPSUGAR always know how to keep things sweet. And, of course, that there is nothing funfetti can’t fix. Fun sprinkles on top of a decadent Ricotta cheese mix? Yes, please. It looks almost as good as it tastes!

Chocolate Grilled Cheese

This one is so simple and straight to the point: chocolate grilled cheese. Your regular grilled cheese (bread and American cheese) but with a layer of smooth chocolate. Both chocolate spread or melted chocolate will be accepted.

S’mores Grilled Cheese

This grilled cheese will give you strong cravings for summer. Marshmallow + chocolate + graham crackers = s’mores. Throw two grilled donuts on either side of this chocolately gooiness and what have you got? Heaven, you say? Close. A s’mores grilled cheese.

Raspberry and Chocolate Grilled Cheese 

Raspberry and chocolate are a match made in heaven. Put fresh raspberries, raspberry jam, and chocolate spread in between two pieces of grilled Italian bread. For cheese, brie or marscapone would both be delicious…you could even do both. Go crazy.

Waffle Grilled Cheese

#waffle iron #grilledcheese. Okay, I’m a convert.

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You KNOW there’s maple syrup all over this business. White cheddar and vanilla make a surprisingly great pairing as the “cheese” portion of this grilled cheese. For a little extra sweetness (it wouldn’t be a proper dessert without as much sugar as possible) jam and a good amount of maple syrup both inside and out will please your sweet tooth.

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