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Indulge In These 8 Addictive Truffles That Are Easily DIY


If you’re like the majority of the population, your chocolate addiction is no joke. You constantly crave the decadent confection and your love for it is unparalleled.

Fortunately, due to the intense global infatuation with chocolate, there are countless ways to enjoy the sweet treat.

If your affinity for chocolate has matured past a quick trip to the drugstore check out line, however, popping truffles is likely one of your favorite approaches to consuming this flawless delicacy.

Luckily, there is no need to trek all the way to a candy shop to find that perfect truffle. Here is a list of amazing truffles you can absolutely make on your own!


Thin Mint


Photo: Hezzi-D’s Books And Cooks

Clearly the best Girl Scout cookie option; Thin Mints are exceptional. However, by combining the nostalgia of a Girl Scout cookie with the decadence of a truffle, America’s favorite cookie has somehow gotten even better. To achieve the superior Thin Mint, crush the cookie into crumbs and mix with cream cheese. Roll this mixture into bite size balls and then dip them into melted, velvety white chocolate. Anyone else salivating?


Peanut Butter


Photo: Deliciously Yum

We already know peanut butter and chocolate is an immaculate combination. But paired together in a truffle, it is somehow even that much better. Upgrade from a Reese’s by trying this perfect recipe: beat peanut butter, butter, and confectioner’s sugar together until you attain a fluffy mixture. After this mixture is rolled into your ideal truffle size, dip each ball into a melted blend of peanut butter and chocolate chips.


Cake Batter


Photo: Tempting Thyme

Too classy for a typical birthday cake? Let everyone know you’re ~fancy~ by celebrating another trip around the sun with these vibrant truffles. Prepare the base for this eye catching and mouth watering cake alternative by combining vanilla, butter, sugar, flour, and yellow cake mix. Once you’ve chilled the dough, submerge each truffle into melted white chocolate and adorn it with rainbow sprinkles. So Festive. So Good.


Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough


Photo: Cakescottage

This is really a lavish deviation to a classic favorite. I’m fairly confident it is a universal truth that everyone likes chocolate chip cookie dough. Make something that was already good even greater by preparing these unworldly chocolate chip cookie dough truffles. Whether you opt for store bought cookie dough or prefer homemade, all you need to do after is coat the rolled dough with creamy milk chocolate.




Photo: Dandie’s Marshmallows

S’mores are incredible, but even better when you don’t have to deal with a precarious open fire and burnt marshmallows. Put yourself in less of a sticky situation by trying this heavenly s’mores truffle recipe. Blend together marshmallow fluff, graham cracker crumbs, chocolate chips, and butter for a deluxe camp fire treat (without the campfire). Chill the dough then douse each truffle in your choice of chocolate. Finish the treat off with a dusting of graham cracker crumbs. BOOM.


Milk Chocolate Espresso


Photo: Will Cook For Smiles

Your addiction to chocolate is likely only rivaled by your addiction to caffeine. Skip the morning coffee and wake yourself up with this espresso truffle recipe. Using a double broiler, melt together chocolate, heavy cream, espresso powder, and sea salt. Don’t forget to toss a dash of Kahlua in there. Once this mixture is cooled, coat the decadent dessert with cocoa powder. Waking up is hard. You deserve to eat chocolate.


Maple Bacon Chocolate Truffles


Photo: Piece, Love, and Chocolate

Chocolate rocks. So does bacon. Combine this sweet and savory duo for a unique truffle experience. Begin by cooking your bacon until very crispy, then mix it with melted brown sugar. Crush this mixture into crumbs. Form the dough by blending condensed milk, brown sugar, maple syrup, and butter, bringing these combined ingredients to a boil. Let it cool, roll into balls, drench the truffles in melted chocolate, and garnish them with the candied bacon. You’ll soon learn chocolate and bacon can coexist harmoniously (and deliciously).


Pumpkin Cream Cheese


Photo: Jen Doe Bakes

Forget Pumpkin Spice Lattes. Get your pumpkin fix without being #basic by enjoying these delicious truffles. No need to wait till fall to reignite your pumpkin obsession. Combine pumpkin puree with ginger, nutmeg, cinnamon, crumbled gingersnap cookie crumbs, powdered sugar, cream cheese, and salt. Submerge this dough into warm white chocolate and you’ll be dreaming of autumn.


Key Lime Pie


Photo: Bluegrass Bites

No one said Key Lime Pie had to be pie. Pop your pie by preparing key lime pie truffles. These tangy, refreshing truffles are made by combining vanilla icing with key lime flavor packets, then blending with melted white chocolate. Add a touch of lime zest, then roll your balls into crunchy graham cracker crumbs. They are the ideal dessert for summertime.


Chili and Chocolate


Photo: Green Kitchen Stories

Do you like it hot? These chili chocolate truffles are quintessential for those who refuse to eat anything bland. First, mix pitted dates, coconut oil, cinnamon, vanilla, and ground cardamom. Then spice up the dough by adding a little (or a lot) of chili powder. Roll around your truffles in cocoa powder until they are evenly coated. Then get ready to enjoy your chocolate with a kick.

By Elisabeth Brier

Elisabeth isn't embarrassed by the fact that she orders milk at restaurants and has an obsession with baby corn that is only rivaled by her zealousness for anything "blue" flavored.

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