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8 Chocolate-Covered Foods We’re Not Sure How To Feel About

We don’t think it’s an understatement to say that chocolate is literally a religion for some people, most of the Foodbeast staff included. That being said, it’s understandable that we can get a little shifty when it comes to pairing chocolate with other, “non-dessert” things.

But, as chocolate has proved time and time again, it can be paired with just about anything. Most of the time, this sweetest substance can make anything better – but we’re not sure how true that is for these eight bizarre chocolate-dipped items. Can even something as amazing as chocolate pull off these straight-up strange combos? Possibly.


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This snack is more commonly found in Asian grocery stores than it is in American shops, and its popularity makes us think that it can’t be all that bad. I mean, seaweed is crunchy and salty, so it’s kind of like dipping fries into chocolate ice cream! Kind of?


Yeah, this is real life. You can pretty much find everything from grubs, beetles, crickets (that’s a common one), and even scorpions dipped in chocolate and sold in some stores. Hey, if you’re going to bite into a bug, it might as well be dipped in chocolate.


At first, this might sound like an unsettling combination – it gets even stranger when you consider that condiment giant Heinz used to make and sell chocolate dipped pickles. But when you get past your initial reaction, they really don’t sound half bad; like seaweed, this odd treat is an interesting mixture of salty and sweet that we might be on board for.


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Real talk, we’ve kind of become desensitized to bacon in “weird” recipes. Bacon cupcakes? Check. Bacon fudge? Double check. So chocolate-covered bacon doesn’t seem that strange in 2017.

But just because we’ve become used to the idea of chocolate and bacon as a pairing doesn’t make the thought any less weird. Think back to when the bacon-in-sweets trend was just starting – everyone thought it was weird, because it kind of is. It’s delicious, sure, but that doesn’t make it any less strange.


We wish we were kidding. These little beauties are from Reading Terminal Market in Philadelphia; yes, they are actually raw onions dipped in chocolate, and yes, people actually bite into these full onions on sticks. What do they even taste like? Not a candy apple, that’s for sure.


Like it hot? Then these chocolate-dipped jalapenos are for you. These are from Sparky’s in Universal Studios City Walk in Hollywood, CA, and they look as spicy as they do delicious. As weird as it is that these peppers are dipped in chocolate, the chocolate seems like the only thing separating this treat from pain. Why else would you bite straight into a jalapeno if not to get a mouthful of chocolate, too.


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Before you think, “Oh, that’s not too weird,” just imagine chocolate-covered hummus. That’s essentially what we’re dealing with here, folks. Unbeknownst to us, dipping these beans in chocolate is a thing, and people often enjoy them raw or toasted. We don’t know about you, but chickpeas just seem too healthy to be associated with chocolate. Although, chocolate is totally healthy, too, so this all makes perfect sense.


Not only is chocolate-dipped squid a thing, but it’s packaged and sold in stores AS A CANDY. It’s called Hawaiian Da-Kines Chocolate Dipped Ika (a.k.a. squid) and it’s produced by Big Island Candies. This novelty is a popular treat on the islands of Hawaii, and thousands (if not hundreds of thousands) of people genuinely love it. Who’s up for a taste test?!

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