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A 77-Pack Of Natty Lights Now Exist That Costs Just $30

A six-pack is usually enough for a couple of friends in the squad to get together and have a good time. Up that to 77 bottles in a single package, and you’ve really got a party going on.

According to Brobible, this massive case of beer weighs in at about 65 pounds, which translates to a TON of brew. The Natural Light brand debuted the limited-time case as a way to celebrate their birth year, 1977, and should retail at about $30, The Takeout reports.

For those wondering, this is a massive amount of bottles, but it’s not the biggest case ever created. That honor goes to Budweiser, who had a 3,240 pack of brewskis for sale in Montreal last year. Still, 77 is enough to get the entire squad going for a minute.

Natural Light has a limited-time drop of these 77-packs coming to the College Park, Maryland area. Guessing that that area’s gonna be pretty lit this weekend.

By Constantine Spyrou

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