7 Clever 7-Eleven Knock Offs You Can Find In Asia


I don’t speak Chinese, but I sent the picture above to my Chinese friend and he confirmed that the posted sign does not say 7-Eleven.

Good ol’ RocketNews24 showed us that there are several fraudulent 7-Eleven stores that have popped up in Asia with clever, obviously well-thought-out names like 7-Twelve. They all have the familiar colors and logo structure, but the names have been slightly changed.

Check out these homages to everyone’s last resort for late-night munchies:


China’s 9-One

Another counterfeit convenience store was spotted in China, this one named 9-One. This one didn’t even bother using a seven in the name, but the familiar color scheme is still there.


Japan’s 7-Mercy

This 7-Eleven knockoff is in Japan and is called 7-Mercy. The real treat in this picture is that there’s a real 7-Eleven across the street from the fake.


South Korea’s 7-Seven

seven seven
There’s a 7-Seven in South Korea. Why make things confusing when you can just use the same number twice?


Vietnam’s 7-Days


This one’s actually pretty practical, assuming they’re open seven days.


Cambodia’s 7-Bright


I gave up trying to decipher why it’s called 7-Bright. Maybe the lights are unbearably bright inside the store, or it has an open roof so the sun and moon illuminate the store. Whatever works for you, Cambodia.


Nepal’s 7-Eleven Dance Bar?


Umm. Yeah, this one looks like a 2-in-1. Grab a slushie and get your freak on.


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