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7-Eleven Combined Slurpees And Donuts To Create The Perfect Treat

The Slurpee, one of the most beloved summer treats in America, has just reinvented itself in the most delicious way possible: enter the Slurpee Donut.

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After the consistent success of the Slurpee over the past few decades, 7-Eleven has decided to create and sell its own Wild Cherry Slurpee Donut.

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The donut is an old-fashioned cake donut with red wild cherry icing and red candy crystals blanketing it. Although it’s a new flavor altogether, the donut bears a striking resemblance to the pink donuts commonly used in The Simpsons, making it that much more desirable.

The donuts are being sold for ¢99 at most, if not all, 7-Eleven locations.



Photo Credit: Twitter, Business Insider 

By Sean Fahmy

Sean's favorite foods are hot wings, cheeseburgers, seafood and gummy candy. He will likely die from both diabetes and obesity, or "diabesity." He's cool with that.

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