69% of Americans Ruin Bloomberg’s Day By Rejecting Sugary Drink Ban


We hope Mayor Bloomberg enjoys the bitter taste of defeat in his morning coffee, because a new Gallup poll shows that most Americans have no desire to limit their soft drink consumption. No, not even to the 16 ounces that Bloomberg pushed for back in March.

The poll found that 69% of Americans oppose laws that would restrict the size of soft drinks and beverages with a comparable sugar content to 16 oz or less when served in restaurants. Anti-soft drink activists like Bloomberg have pushed for soda restriction by arguing that limiting available sizes would cut down on rates of obesity in places like New York City, but Bloomberg’s attempts to pass the restrictions into law were shot down in March by a judge pointing out that it was unfair to limit the sizes of sodas and not milk-based drinks.

Our nationwide caffeine addiction might have something to do with Americans’ widespread disapproval of sugary beverage restriction laws, since 2/3 of Americans drink coffee every single day and coffee falls under the umbrella of “sugary beverages.” Imagine a world in which Starbucks is forced to tell armies of high-powered lawyers in expensive suits that their usual Trenta-sized lattes are now permanently  unavailable, and you’ll probably get an idea of why the proposed restrictions are so unpopular. Sorry, Bloomberg. You tried it.

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4 replies on “69% of Americans Ruin Bloomberg’s Day By Rejecting Sugary Drink Ban”

Because we believe their lies.

Not that I voted for the guy or anything, but hindsight is 20/20, I doubt anyone knew he was going to do this. But then people base their votes on other issues as well.

As the landslide results of the Gallup poll confirm, Americans strongly oppose a ban on the size of soft drinks. Consumers clearly want to make their own choices – rather than have the government dictate them. What’s more, government regulation is the wrong approach to the obesity challenge, as bans won’t change health behaviors. Education is the only effective tool.

-Maureen Beach, American Beverage Association

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