6 Year Old Caught Driving On His Way To Get Chinese Food


What did you do when you were a little kid? Did you play on the swing set? Play with Pokémon cards? Maybe watch TV? Did you ever get the chance to drive a car — by yourself? I’m going to go ahead and say no.

Police were alerted by other drivers Saturday morning by what looked to be a 6 year old child driving a car. When police finally arrived on the scene, the car was boxed in by two drivers and another driver took the keys out of the ignition of the car the boy was driving.

While the boy’s name wasn’t reported, he told officers that he took the keys off of the counter and drove the car to grab some Chinese food. Guess he was fed up waiting for cereal and took matters into his own hands.

According to police he had never driven a vehicle before nor sat on his dad’s lap to practice steering. During his takeout attempt the boy hit a “no left turn” sign and managed to rack up some cosmetic damage. It was soon after that the police called the boy’s father to come pick him up.

The father, according to Sheriff Engster, wasn’t even aware that his son was gone because he was sleeping the entire time. This kid was determined to get his late night grub on.

We suppose a quick trip to Panda Express for some Orange Chicken is the best way to start your day, even if you don’t have your front teeth to eat it.


By Aaron Rowe

Aaron is a wiz when it comes to technology but still manages to find time to be a foodie on the side. He lives by the social, whether it be FoodSpotting, FourSquare or Instagram and is always on the lookout for the next big bite.

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