Watch This Dude Take A Rip From A 3-Story Beer Bong

There are days when you need to care less and just go balls out on something your inner-college kid would be extremely proud of. Sure, no one else will be proud of you, but screw it.

If you’re like us and ever have an epiphany that requires to release the frat boy within, you can’t have small-time goals, so this 40-foot beer bong was built to drop down a three-story building into the ill-prepared stomach of a foolish Foodbeast writer.


It took a team effort from the entire Foodbeast crew, from top to bottom, as some seriously noobish tape-work somehow kept the 1-inch vinyl tubing together, some expert beer pouring took place at the roof of our newsroom, and a very excited Sean Fahmy was ready to chug multiple beers in a matter of seconds.

To get an idea of how high the beer was falling from, you’d have to stack seven Shaquille Oneal’s, standing on top of each other’s shoulders, just to get to the top portion of the bong.


If you want to make a ridiculously long beer bong yourself, here’s exactly what you’ll need:

40 Feet of 1-inch Vinyl tubing

The tubing wasn’t easy to find, but we eventually hit up a pipe and supply store and picked up 40 feet of vinyl tubing for about $62. The 40 feet were rough estimates of how tall the building was.



The funnel was about $6 and is a pretty standard part of any beer bong.


1-inch PVC ball valve


This valve was about $5 and went on the bottom end of the bong, keeping the beer inside the tubing, until it was time to unload.


Stainless steel hose clamps

We used two clamps and they essentially helped connect the 33-foot tube, to the 7-foot tube, and the Ball valve to the tube. (about $5)

Overall we spent a total of $80.01 to make this giant beast. Yours might be different in size, but essentially, that’s everything you need, plus some tape in case you get some leaks.

Also, it’s important to note that the bong extended to the inside of our building, so we weren’t technically drinking in public. Don’t know the legalese on that, but sounds legit, right?


All I can say is, my boy Sean was not ready for the speed at which the beer was flowing through his body, but thankfully, he’s still alive, somehow.

By Isai Rocha

Isai is the self-proclaimed Kanye West of burrito eating. He has a hard time trusting vegans, ranch dressing and especially vegan ranch dressing.

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