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NYC Eatery’s THREE-COURSE PIZZA Gives You An Entire Meal In One Slice

If you’ve watched either of the Willy Wonka movies or read the book, you probably remember the part where Violet Beaureguarde eats one of Mr. Wonka’s Everlasting Gobstoppers and describes what’s going on in her mouth. The jawbreaker candy changed flavors from tomato soup to roast beef to blueberry pie, essentially being a three-course meal in a single candy.

I’d like to think that Krave It’s Three-Course Pizza is the real-life version of Wonka’s Everlasting Gobstoppers. Only that instead of turning into a massive blueberry and having to be carted off by Oompa Loompas, I’ll just get full after a single slice of this behemoth of a pizza.

Each piece of this viral NYC pizza spot’s pie is loaded with appetizer, entree, and dessert. It’s designed so that as you eat your way up the slice, you’re going through each course in the same manner you’d normally get them at a restaurant. It’s a super fresh concept and makes for an interesting and innovative menu item that you’d have to see to believe.

By Constantine Spyrou

Constantine's life revolves around eating, studying, and talking about food. He's obsessed with eggs, gyros, and the future of food.