20 Waiters Reveal the Worst Thing Their Customers Have Ever Done

Something about the whole served/server relationship turns plenty of people into mindless, heartless pricks. From changing diapers at the dinner table to hiding tips in drinking straws, here’s some of the worst things waiters have seen their customers do, according to the fine folks at AskReddit.


1. Leaving chewing gum on the plate

As a person who cleans dishes 5 days a week, you won’t believe the stuff I have to scrape off on peoples plates.

Don’t leave your fucking chewed up chewing gum on the plate.




2. Splitting hairs

Splitting the bill into 20 motherfucking seperate checks



3. Shake shake shake

It’s not really the worst but one that always gets me is the cup shake. I see that your pop needs to be refilled and I will get to it if you just let me put down your food/menus for other table/etc. Do NOT shake your cup of ice at me! It fills me with an unbelievable rage. It’s even worse if they shake it as they’re asking for a refill. I get it!



4. Closing time

[…] Don’t fucking walk into a restaurant when there is 5 minutes left until they close. We cannot close the restaurant until you leave. This means that the cooks, the bus staff, the waiters and the managers all have to wait on you to get your goddamn hamburger you so desperately needed before we can close. Some people have families. Please if its close to closing time for a restaurant, go somewhere else.



5. Hot hands

when i come over with armfulls of hot plates and go WHO GOT THE SALMON SALMON?? SALMON HERE?! WHO GOT THE ROAST BEEF?? and they just ignore me. i know this is your fucking food. it says so on the chit. i’ve since stopped playing nice and now i just barge into their shitty little pissant lives and drop the food on the table and let them work it out amongst themselves. how do these halfwitted fuckbrains not remember that “oh i ordered a steak???” makes me want to pour hot fryer oil all over them



6. “Don’t worry, I’m a good tipper.”

Telling me “Don’t worry, I’m a good tipper.” then leave me 15%. A regular tip is 20%, a good tip is 30% and higher. Come on, get your head out of your ass.



7. Couple stalking

There was a very strange couple that were regulars at the restaurant that I worked at as a hostess. They were very much like stalkers to one particular server. They would always ask for her and stick around for hours. They asked her very personal questions and kept acting like they were best buddies with her. The only reason she put up with it for so long was because they would tip well. However, when she started dating someone, they demanded that they had to meet him. They would start calling the restaurant to try and figure out her schedule, which we could not give out. For a short time, she went to work at another restaurant and they followed her there! She would still take them for a short time, but would ignore them as often as she could. After all of this, she just wouldn’t serve them anymore.

EDIT: They would also ask her for her number and even suggested she come home with them one night. shudder



8. “Could you tell my kids to stop?”

I once had a mother ask me “You see my kids running up and down the stairs and the aisle? Can you tell them to stop?” I wasn’t even her server. DO YOUR OWN FUCKING PARENTING! Cause I don’t [have] enough to do at the moment. I enjoy my job and honestly like serving MOST people. But I could not believe it when she asked me that. That’s not the worst thing, but first one that came to mind.



9. Rainbows and sunshine

Don’t change your child’s shit covered diaper, on your table. Children don’t poop rainbows and sunshine. That shit is disgustingly unsanitary.



10. Talk about your shitty tips

I can one up you. Dirty open diaper. On tip tray. Instead of tip.



11. Sharing needles

I understand people are diabetic, but if you need to take your insulin, DO NOT LEAVE YOUR USED NEEDLE ON YOUR PLATE! Waitresses can get pricked! Bussers can get pricked! It can end up in the bus tubs and the dishwasher can get pricked! Take your fucking needles with you!



12. Precious moments

I was handling a party of 75 or so at my restaurant, and this little boy kept running to the kitchen (with swinging doors) playing in our BLEACH bucket, and rustling through our silverware. and I had to pry the kids hands off the shelving unit (where he could have gotten whapped by the door, swinging open violently at any moment) while he was SCREAMING. Lifted him by his arms, brought him out into the dining room to his parents who had NO IDEA he was gone!!! uggh…then they laughed!



13. Just as bad as cat calling

Don’t whistle at me to get my attention, I’m not a dog.



14. 10% off

If you can’t afford to leave at least a 10% tip, then you can’t afford to go out to eat. It’s as simple as that. People really don’t realize that waitstaff live off the kindness of strangers. Any time I tell someone that minimum wage for a server is much less than regular minimum wage, they don’t believe me.



15. Decisions, decisions

Not the worst, but: If you’re not ready to order, fucking tell me you’re not ready. Don’t make me stand there for 5 minutes while you pretend that you’re just a second away from making a decision.



16. “my one friend stuffed a $20 bill. in a straw.”

When i was around 17 years old, every time my friends and i went out to eat. They would do the most ridiculous things to the servers and bussers. my one friend stuffed a $20 bill. in a straw. Another friend jumped up started to dance and made our server dance with him… sometimes i look back and man oh man how much they hated us LOL


17. Like a monkey on bath salts

I had a kid run up to me just the other day when I was working at round table. It grabbed my leg and tried to shimmy up it like a monkey on bath salts. The mother came over and ripped it off of me only to proclaim “Don’t you ever touch my child again or I’ll call the police” Lady, I swear to fucking christ…



18. It’s the thought that counts?

When people try to help by stacking their own plates….with cutlery and food wedged in between. We have a particular technique to clear plates easily and efficiently, you don’t know how to do it. You’re not helping.



19. The Lawhd’s work

Religious pamphlets are NOT a substitute for a tip.



20. And the truth will set you free

EVERYTHING. We hate you always, for everything you ask for, everything you meant to ask for, and all the tips you did not leave us.



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By Dominique Zamora

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if you dont make enough of a regular wage at the job you work, GET A NEW JOB!! I’m not gonna tip u dip-shits for simply bringing my food with a fake smile. If I feel you’ve gone above and beyond my expectations, sure you’ll get a tip. But expecting one? You can go fuck yourselves. I dont get tipped at my job, and its way more difficult and demanding than bringing strangers their food. Quit your bitchin.

you realize that they get paid less than minimum wage, right? To keep food prices low. If they got paid a typical wage, you’d have to pay a fuckton more for your shitty food.

Also, don’t fuck with the people who deal with your food. Unless you like spit. Just sayin’.

It has nothing to do with strangers making up for bosses taking advantage of employees. It’s a merit-based income. Servers provide you a service; there is a guideline of what you should pay for a reason. Most servers should get the basic 15%. If they perform well, tip them better. If they perform badly, tip them worse. Just, for the love of god, tip them (and more than just loose change). Otherwise, they aren’t receiving the message “Your boss is taking advantage of you”. They’re reading that loose change or blank table as “Sorry, but I don’t think you matter as a person. At all.”. (And as a chef, the only people I have ever seen spit in food have been fired on the spot – and they completely deserved it, crappy tipper or no.)

No, it’s not a “merit-based income” just because they “provide you a service.” There are plenty of people every day in multiple industries who “provide you a service” and are not tipped or paid less than minimum wage with the expectation that the people they service will make up for the discrepancy in their wages and minimum wage laws.

Their boss is taking advantage of them, period. That is the sole reason they make less than minimum wage. It’s not my fault or concern that they don’t take the time to understand that the labor laws that allow them to be paid less than minimum wage are something their employer voluntarily takes advantage of to cut costs. Walking a plate and drink out to me is not worth me giving them an extra 15% of my bill ffs, the system is a joke that has only become a societal norm because, yes, it has EVERYTHING to do with strangers making up for bosses taking advantage of employees.

Many tipped employees are in that position voluntarily, not because they’re trying to find a better job or put themselves through college. I knew a fellow who in seven months earned enough in tips to put a rather significant down payment on a new vehicle; he averaged $300 a day. That’s not ‘a boss taking advantage of him’, that’s an alternate payment method. Not everyone lives in the hourly/salary world. Many of us work on tips, or commissions, or per diem. Just because you don’t like the method by which they are paid doesn’t make it any less valid. Again, if you refuse to tip, you are telling your server that they weren’t worth paying; the only way you will accept their labour is for free. If that’s the case, then be upfront about it. Tell them they aren’t getting a tip BEFORE they start serving you. You know good and well that they’re operating under the assumption that they’re getting tipped, whether you think it’s a broken system or not. If you aren’t going to be part of that system, either tell your server you aren’t going to tip them upfront, or go to another establishment. Many restaurants DON’T have tipped servers; you could simply frequent those establishments instead.

Also, there’s a lot more work they’re doing than ‘walking a plate and drink out’. Most work that a server does is behind the scenes – if they’re doing their job correctly, you’ll barely notice them. Don’t get me wrong; there are plenty of bad servers out there. But most servers I’ve seen tend to work their asses off to ensure a good experience for the customers and the customers will never see 90% of it.

I have worked at hometown where people are usually not very swell and they do everything except bring your food and people still feel an entitlement to tips these jobs require a low educations and are usually meant for students/people who don’t have many options nobody forces you to apply for it there are people all around the world & the U.S. who deal with much more without anything extra also the law requires that if your tips don’t add up to the federal minimum during any pay period then your employer must make up the difference and in many states the minimum is the same regardless of job title i used to have to carve the meat for anyone that wanted it and with buffets that means everyone the few times someone tried tipping me i declined I tip but I think its wrong many people have crappy jobs with low pay and are not afforded the same bonus if it really bothers you then quit nobody forces labor “legally” on anyone in this country

It’s not really unfair pay. There are a lot of servers that get paid poorly, but for many of them, it’s a career. I’ve been a chef for a decade, and I’ve seen places where you can make between $600-$800 a day waiting tables. You need to be VERY good at your job for those sorts of places, but almost all of that money is in tips. But here’s the thing: those professional servers expect tips. They know not every table will tip, but if no tables tipped, they’d find another job. (And don’t worry; they work quite hard for their money.)

In the past, I’ve worked 12-hour shifts 7 days a week for under minimum wage, and I still agree that tips should be earned, not expected. Work hard, earn it with genuine good service, move on up and out.

Then you shouldn’t be going out to eat if you feel like that. You’re American, yes? The food industry is built around servers getting most of their earnings from tips, hence the dreadfully low wages they get.

D’you know what happens if they don’t meet at least minimum wage from tips? The restaurant has to cover the difference. And then they likely get written up for it, and 9 times out of 10, it was no fault of the server. Whether it was slow, or quite rude people such as yourself, *they* get in trouble or possibly even fired.

Tipping is paying for their *service*, hence why restaurants are part of the *SERVICE* INDUSTRY. Also what Tande said. You don’t fuck with the waitstaff or cooks.

So, in short. If you can’t afford to tip, then don’t go out to eat at a sit down restaurant you spoilt brat.

key word some and even then its a fraction of what the server gets Ive also noticed servers putting tips in pockets to counter this instead of that waist thing

Well… maybe in some restaurants, they’re *allowed* to pocket them. I mean, why wouldn’t they? The tips belong to them anyway.

So in short if you can’t afford to live without tips get a better job or don’t work basically what your saying. You do not decide who does what with their lives if they are living outside of their means then that is a choice they make and will have to deal with

And you’re living outside of your means if you go out to eat and don’t tip. If you don’t like it, then why don’t you get a better job? It’s your choice after all, you have to deal with it.

Obviously you don’t know how reading comprehension figures with your dinner education I said you are not the person who decides what people do with their own lives I am not speaking for myself and my tipping habits and you just did it again your response to me further making yourself out to be the dinner educated person you are they do say you can’t fix stupid so i should let you off, let me just take a cue from your simple mind and state “If you don’t like people not tipping you get a better job!” you moron

You have a real hard time with sentence structure, and yet you think I don’t understand English. Please go away with your awful attitude and needless insults.

also if you did not spend all your time playing super smash brothers and other video games on your off hours you would have time to get an education and not have to settle for basic education jobs that a person with no understanding of the English language can do except they would not feel entitled and would to your job more efficiently also cut your Internet so if you need tips to survive or does mommy and daddy pay for it? Since its their house you live in

If that is the way you feel and tip, then you are a piece of shit. But judging from your previous comments, you do seem like a genuine piece of shit anyway.

Also if i went to eat somewhere and they allowed me to tell the cook what i wanted,let me wipe of my table for two seconds,bring myself my food and drinks then refill it once even though i did not need it,then let me clear my table all without the constant nagging of someone trying to get a tip with fake smiles and at the end of it all they gave me a 20 percent off my meal i would take that deal any day seems crazy coming from the other side but im sure dinner people tip teachers for dealing with their kids or the guy that picks up your garbage that hates how you throw out your trash unless your famous or in pro sports your job is usually not fun deal with it everyone else does I did not like it so i bettered my situation

Your job is probably quite demanding. The servers have it rough, too. I’ve been a cook for over a decade, and I’ve seen first-hand a lot of what they go through; it’s not just ‘bringing strangers food’. And the smile might be fake, but it’s usually sincere; the bad servers don’t bother to smile. Also, while there are a lot of people that are servers that are currently trying to get a new job, many of these people have made serving their life-long career. They get paid $2.13 in many states (7 states require tipped employees to actually be paid minimum wage), but they work their asses off to earn tips (which are then split with the busser, the barback, and sometimes even the bartender) as their actual income. Think about that for a second; the vast majority of their wage is entirely based off of how well they perform. When you don’t tip, you’re refusing to pay them for services rendered. If they perform badly, sure, tip them poorly! But TIP them. You’re probably paying, what, $30 for a plate of food? Is $3 minimum really such a grating thing to ask?

Bringing strangers their food? GOD I wish it was that easy. I literally wish all I had to do was carry food to a table. But that’s not it at all. I expect a tip for filling your drinks, for making you comfortable and ensuring you enjoy yourself and that the food is good. The tips are payment for putting up with your lame ass. NOT for carrying the food out on a goddamn tray. And the smile? Oh yeah, it’s fake. But I’m sure you’re used to that. Asshole

Lol nope pretty common. Common courtesy is not common these days. Just like common sense. It is reflected well with commentors speaking their minds behind keyboards. Probably your parent’s fault.

#5: While dining at a sit-down restaurant, I expect the server to know who ordered what. When I was a server, every seat was attached to a number, and orders were taken and distributed accordingly. It’s not the diner’s job to remind the server what he/she ordered.

#6: About 20% is standard now, but when did 30% or more become a “good tip?” That’s astronomical. I absolutely believe an outstanding server deserves an outstanding tip, but it’s never to be expected. A good tip has to be earned.

The hell he’s not. We tip better just to make up for sorry *$&#’s like you.

You’re the same breed of worthless who “understands” the price hikes in food and goods because of the gas prices now aren’t you? Somehow servers didn’t see a dime extra of the inflated prices, live in the same country as you but dodged every increase in foods and goods the rest of us deal with.

If you can’t afford to tip don’t patronize a restaurant that utilizes servers who don’t make a living wage. Hope your servers run your silver betwixt their sweaty lower cheeks.

It’s a service, not indentured frickin’ servitude.

You’re exactly right. You’re not guaranteed a huge tip just like I’m not guaranteed a raise, they have to be earned. While I usually leave 20% for a decent server, I can count the times on one hand I’ve wanted to leave 30% or more.

#5. Just my two cents. While I’m sure this whole thread is dedicated to ‘formal/sit-down restaurants’, this isn’t the case for a ‘casual dining restaurant’. Most of time the servers don’t know who ordered what, they just bring out the food. The original poster could’ve been working at a ‘casual dining’ restaurant

I have a job thank you and i also have a serving job to make extra money. Yeah i expect a tip from you because that is the way it works, if you don’t want to tip stay home or go to burger king. Me taking your order, bringing you a drink, keeping it refilled, bringing you food that mind you you didn’t prepare, clearing your table, etc is part of the whole “tipping process” so actually you can go fuck yourself you cheap yambag who is probably a fucking nightmare to deal with. Now go back to sweeping the break room at Target at your “demanding job”

Everything you’re describing is basic duties for waitstaff. You don’t get tips for those things. You get tips for going BEYOND those things. “bringing you food that mind you you didn’t prepare”: Well neither did you.

we share the tips with the kitchen staff so there is that. obv you have never worked in a restaurant. Deal with it in America you got out to eat a tip is the normal procedure. there are plenty of fast casual places ie Panera to take your cheap ass too if you don’t want to tip a server. Dealing with the animals we deal with is always going BEYOND our duty. Why do i do it then? because it gives me flexibility, i work with some of the best people i have ever met in my life and i make a ton of money. I can travel anywhere i want at the drop of a hat and enjoy my life. You have no clue.

If you’re sharing tips with the kitchen, that’s most likely illegal, actually. On the part of the restaurant that is. You should look into labor laws in your state about service staff (waiters, bussers) tipping out back of the house.

But you really should. Otherwise owners will continue doing illegal things. They really do need to be called out on it, that’s one of the downsides of this industry. Owners & managers getting away with illegal things (like making cooks salaried so they don’t make overtime, even though that only applies to positions that are mostly administrative. Just for an example.)

Lol, what are you talking about? Some places they expect you to tip the cooks, dishwashers. Especially if it’s busy! You just have to report it in your taxes. It’s not fucking illegal to GIVE YOUR MONEY AWAY. Jesus….

Thanks for not reading what I said there guy. I said “most likely” and to look into labor laws.

Wait staff are paid lower wages due to tipping. Non wait staff are paid higher, and don’t get tips, usually. I misread and assumed it was a forced sharing of tips though, so there is that.

TIPS=To Insure Prompt Service. 15% is for competent! expedient, attentive service. 10% or below for poor service. Above 15% is recognized as above and beyond. (Though exceptions are made for larger parties where many restaurants automatically add a gratuity because many times people split checks and just assume someone else is tipping and the server ends up with $5.00 on a $200.00 total tab after busting ass) every person should have to spend 6 months working in the service industry as a part of graduation requirements. The world would be a kinder place. Lol.

Regarding this comment:

5. Hot hands

when i come over with armfulls of hot plates and go WHO GOT THE SALMON SALMON?? SALMON HERE?! WHO GOT THE ROAST BEEF?? and they just ignore me. i know this is your fucking food. it says so on the chit. i’ve since stopped playing nice and now i just barge into their shitty little pissant lives and drop the food on the table and let them work it out amongst themselves. how do these halfwitted fuckbrains not remember that “oh i ordered a steak???” makes me want to pour hot fryer oil all over them


It’s called “auctioning off food”, and it’s a no-no. Any good server should know EXACTLY which person is getting what food. It’s just as annoying for a server to ask who got what dish, as it is to ignore their questions. I was a server for 6 years, and I always tried to get it right. THAT’s how your get a good tip!

He obviously has worked at a restaurant: ” I was a server for 6 years, and I always tried to get it right. THAT’s how your get a good tip!” READ THOROUGHLY.

Well aren’t you a total jerkwad. There are all sorts of shit chain restaurants with hardworking folks who get shit pay, shit for respect and are treated like a turd in the punch bowl while working 10 times as hard and doing 10 times as much as some snotty asshole “serving” at an “upscale” restaurant.

Run your mouth when you have a table of five at IHOP slugging down gallons of tea, coke and coffee asking for more forks, “fresh” ketchup every 20 friggin seconds then leave a $2 tip in a disaster area that was once a table.

Thats a server the little bitch working with a set menu serving wines and refilling waters should stfu about. You’re not better, you’re just treated that way.

I agree. But sometimes they forget, especially if they’re serving a large party or the restaurant is super busy. I don’t hold it against them if they put my dinner partner’s food down in front of me. I simply say, “No, that one belongs to him/her, the other one is mine.”

If they get snooty about it, then I’ll have an issue. But if they smile and apologize or laugh and blow it off as simple human error, it’s all good.

In my restaurant, it was very common for anyone in the kitchen to bring out food when it was ready, regardless of whether or not it was for their table. Taking someone else’s food for them because they were stuck with a party happened all the time, and we had no way to know who got what when we got to the table.

That’s just moronic. Not all restaurants operate the same. The chain restaurants especially go to the “any warm body” model during prime time.

I don’t expect the cook and a server from another station who is helping to serve a large table to know who ordered what.

It’s compounded by the people who order with intent to “share” entrées but don’t both to work out who gets what first. Morons are not the servers fault.

I have a list, how about 20 crappy dining experiences?
#1: When I say “I think we need a few more minutes.” in reference to figuring out what our group wants, that does not mean shun our table the rest of the night and come back 20 minutes later to take our orders. #2: Tip vultures. Yes, I can see you watching me as I get out my wallet to leave a tip, If you come and snatch it from the table before we’ve even left, I just might cut that twenty percent tip in half for being rude.
#3: The tab is $55.14 and I put a $100 bill on the tray and hand it back to you. Do you A) Ask if I want my change B) Say “I’ll right back with your change.” and then pause for 10 seconds hoping I say “Keep it.” or C) Bring me my change which I will give you a generous tip from if you did not choose A or B.

Stupidity can go both ways.

How is it stupid to ask if you want your change back in scenario C? That’s just being courteous. You can do your server the same courtesy by, yknow, saying “may I have my change back” instead of expecting them to read your mind. We are only human after all.

Or you (not you specifically, but the server) could just not be an entitled brat and realize that nobody is going to give you a 45 dollar tip on a 55 dollar tab. Now if the tab had been $32 and I gave you a pair of $20 bills, then yeah it’s believable that I might want you to keep the rest, but I’m tipping you, not matching your tip with the tab.

It’s not being entitled at all. Again, we (speaking as a member of the service industry, just not a server) aren’t mind readers. It’s probably a given that you want your change back with that much money involved…but it’s still polite to ask. That’s what we do, we ask, so you can tell us.

I was a server for over 6 years, on almost every single cash transaction that I made, I would say “I’ll be right back with your change, regardless of the fact if the difference would have been an amazing tip, good tip or shitty tip. If a customer wants you to keep the change, they will usually tell you. It only sucks when they say “sorry, I meant for you to keep the change” after change had already been made, or they leave you the exact change you gave them. But it is easily forgivable for a good to decent tip.

“A regular tip is 20%, a good tip is 30% and higher.”
I try to tip at least 20% every time I go out and eat, but 30%? If the service is great, sure, but that’s a pretty hefty tip for normal service. As a college student, I can’t afford 30% all the time. I know, I know, maybe I shouldn’t be going out to eat but, sorry, I don’t have time to cook every single night. If the service is bad, I still tip but it sure as hell isn’t 20%. I know most of the time its not the waiter’s fault and I take that into account. I don’t leave a bad tip if I have to wait a long time for my food or if the food is bad because that’s the kitchen’s fault, but if I have to wait 30 minutes for my waiter to acknowledge me or the waiter is rude to me, I don’t feel the need to leave more than 10%. I mean, I had a waitress ask me if I was sure I wanted to order a certain dish because it looked like i could “afford to lose a couple pounds.” My waitress friends gave me shit for not leaving her a good tip but, I’m sorry, that’s not tip-worthy service.

I wouldn’t have left her ANY tip. It’s not a waitresses job to police what and how much we eat.

I tip about 20%. I’m definitely not tipping 30%. And if you’re a total idiot who tells me I need to lose weight, you’ll get nothing. Well, okay, maybe a quarter. That’s an even bigger insult than leaving zero. I would also call the manager and tell him/her what my waitress said to me. That’s completely out of line.

“Don’t fucking walk into a restaurant when there is 5 minutes left until they close. We cannot close the restaurant until you leave. This means that the cooks, the bus staff, the waiters and the managers all have to wait on you to get your goddamn hamburger you so desperately needed before we can close.”

Fuck off. You applied at the job, you fucking follow the procedures set at your workplace. That means you FUCKING CATER TO ME you little bitch. If I want to come in at the last minute and have I fucking meal, I will stay as long as I fucking want. Fuck you.

you sound like an awful cunt. I will come to your fucking loser job and make you stay another hour haggling over the price of toothpaste at Target. STAY HOME

any job is respectable there is only shame in depending on others and stores close when they close i have run in last minute into a store got something and run out as long as you can get what you need they don’t care they close when they close regardless so you could not do that to them and its kinda funny someone calling another persons job a loser job when they require the same amount of education except they have the self respect to not work for tips

i have responsiblities that make it important to be home at a reasonable time. My shift ends at 10pm if some asshole comes in at 955pm and sits for 2 hours i dont’ get home till after midnight and that is just not feasible for me. I don’t go anywhere and make people stay any later than is expected since i don’t want them to do the same. Its called manners and people that pull that shit are rude and inconsiderate.

I wonder how many times servers have done awful, unspeakable things to your food. That’s what they do.
Think about that next time your are being rude at a place where people have your food behind closed doors.

you are a very mature person with such class you certainly showed those monsters who came into a business establishment while they where still in operating business hours

#4: If you do not want to seat people at that hour, close. You can continue to finish out existing tables’ meals without being officially open. Your staff is paid for the hours they work, not by the hours posted on the front door.

If that concept is too confusing for your restaurant manager, post on the door that the restaurant closes at 10 but the last seating is at 9:30. A party that comes in at 9:29:59 gets seated, no bitching. A party that comes in at 9:45 doesn’t.

I don’t go to sit-down restaurants that are within half an hour of closing because I know the service will be infused with resentment and suck horribly, but I also don’t think it’s a good idea for service to suck horribly.

Lol if everything worked the way it should the world would be a beautiful place. But it doesn’t corporate offices don’t understand this. Mangers have to enforce it. Servers have to put up with it.

Yeahhh, we, as servers, can’t close the doors or turn people away or we’ll be FIRED. We are not in control of the company, and corporate doesn’t give a shit. They just want to make more money off of us. So PLEASE don’t come in right before closing. Everyone in the back is cleaning and we all want to go home!
I’ve actually had people come in through the closed doors (they didn’t lock at the time), demanding food! With most of the lights off and me cleaning all the tables… UGH.

I really want any of these servers to learn how to stop complaining.
Servers complain. People in retail complain. About everything.
You serve people. Get over it.
This whole post is rather stupid.

Anyone that does crap like that is a scumbag and shouldn’t be alive anway. People who continue to work in food service can’t hold everyone under the thumb of ‘treat us right or we fuck with your food’. That’s scummy.

“If you can’t afford to leave at least a 10% tip, then you can’t afford to go out to eat. It’s as simple as that. People really don’t realize that waitstaff live off the kindness of strangers. Any time I tell someone that minimum wage for a server is much less than regular minimum wage, they don’t believe me.”

No. Go fuck yourself. A tip is a GRATUITY. You are not entitled to it. You do not expect it. You do not set a percentage. It’s a fucking gratuity.
You do NOT live off the kindness of strangers. You get a fucking paycheque the same as EVERY other employee in any field of work ever.
And no, I wouldn’t believe you either because the regular minimum wage is legally binding and ANY restaurant charging less will be immediately shut down. Minimum wage is not a suggestion, it’s the law. If you’re getting less than it, sue your job or leave.
You are not entitled to any fucking tips. I absolutely hate cunts like this who think they deserve being tipped because they did their job that they’re PAID to do. I don’t tip supermarket cashiers, I don’t tip car mechanics, I don’t tip bus drivers so I am certainly not going to fucking tip you for carrying some plates and doing your job as normal. Earn your fucking money like every other field of work.

The minimum wage for tipped employees is MUCH less than regular minimum wage.
The government includes tips as income, and taxes on them whether they are received or not.

No, see, that’s not right. From some of your word choices, I’m guessing you’re not from the US, so perhaps your prerogative here is sound according to the laws of your country, but in the US, we make slave wages. $2.77/hr at the restaurant where I work in Washington, DC. Now, luckily, I make enough tips to keep me at a slightly livable wage when all is said and done, but people employed at shittier restaurants are not as lucky.

I don’t agree about the “kindness of strangers” so much because it’s not just kindness, and I don’t just EXPECT to be tipped well for doing the bare minimum. I put effort into my job. I take pride in the work I do as well as my ability to keep a cool head in the face of sometimes insurmountable assholery, and at the end of the day, I don’t get to keep all that money I’ve earned. No less than 33% of the tips I make gets split between the bar, the bussers, and the foodrunners that support me. And THEY make a decent hourly wage.

So anyway, yeah, if you can’t afford to tip (in the US), don’t go out to eat. Or, maybe, at the very least, don’t make me wait on you hand and foot if you’re not going to pay me for my effort. Shit, I’ll take less than 10% from a table that just orders their food, eats, and leaves if it means that I’m freed up to pay more attention to the table that really wants me around.

Anyway, don’t be a douche. I don’t even know why you bothered going on that ill-informed rant.

yes service industry is very greedy indeed how dare people not give them extra for doing what they applied for and that requires such a high level of education all these people who think they have the right to say who should and should not go out to eat how bout I act like im some sort of king and say if you can’t deal with people not tipping you do not apply for a food service job if your job stinks and you don’t make minimum and every other persons job is so much easier and they make so much more quit and do what they do (you wont last) and to say that people should not eat there if they can’t tip well then if your job only pays you 2 dollars and your so broke you need tips just to stay alive then how about you don’t have a cell phone service, or internet or cable or expensive handbags or a car ride a bike or bus (alot buy cards that they cant afford if it was not for tips shinny mustangs and such) they earn enough I have seen what some girls make with tips i worked the industry my sisters where hostesses (when they where still studying) and they live outside their means my sister had a nice new car expensive handbags and other high priced or designer items and new phones things that a factory worker on minimum wage cant afford they just want a crazy amount of tips so they can try and act like kim kardashians

Businesses are not required to actually pay wait staff and delivery drivers minimum wage. They are simply required to guarantee that said staff will earn at least minimum wage once their tips and wages are added together.
Please don’t say “Find another job” because jobs are extremely hard to come by nowadays.

Well put Gaz I know another “job” where people live of the kindness of strangers…………… its called panhandling, strippers work for tips too i guess they pretend to be nice kinda the same thing I bet if tipping at food service joints was outlawed there would be way more strippers out there

I always leave 10% when a waiter/waitress is absolutely fucking horrible. I’m not a complete dick so I never stiff them with less than that. 10% lets them know they were awful. Why should you tip at least 10%? Most restaurants “charge” waiters when they take on a table. That fee is usually 10% of the tip. When you tip that, they essentially break even for the meal.

2 things diners should try to do: Watch your waiter leave to see how many tables they have and if they swing by their other tables before heading to the kitchen/bar with your order and after they drop off your order. The second thing is to try to go during off-hours to find out if your waiter is good/cares. If you barely see him/her throughout your meal and they only have 2-3 tables, he/she is lazy. They got stuck with a shitty shift, but if they treat you well, they deserve to be rewarded extra for that.

15% if they weren’t attentive but not because they were slammed and/or if there was a mistake they made (not counting mistakes made by the kitchen)
add 5% if the service was good and attentive (my baseline tip if I have 0 complaints)
add 5% if they put forth effort to be attentive (swing-bys before and after they head back to the kitchen/bar for another table) and they were slammed
add 5% for the off-hours thing above

The people who say that a waiter should not expect a tip are major assholes. You are probably the same assholes that clap when a waiter drops dishes. The next time you do that and I am in the restaurant, I am going to slowly and methodically cut off each of your fingers with that dull butter-knife we get in our place settings. Don’t worry, I’ll just cut off the tip.

Besides the fact that you should respect waiters anyway because they are–you know–fellow human beings, they are also in complete control over the amount of spit, pubic hair, semen and urine that is in your food.

@disqus_6lOeORANJJ:disqus Thanks for backing me up. I had no idea all this server-tip crap got so outta hand. Tips should really be earned. I made dick when I was a server, but ALWAYS appreciated the handful of cash from tips at the end of the night.

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