8 Ways to Lose Friends & Ruin Your Restaurant (Hint: Tell Gordon Ramsay to F*ck Off)


By now, you’ve probably heard about that insane media meltdown by Amy and Samy Bouzaglo of Amy’s Baking Company Bakery Boutique & Bistro, a restaurant in Scottsdale, Arizona. You know, the delusional husband and wife duo who caused Gordon Ramsay to walk off set during a taping of Kitchen Nightmares.

If you haven’t, here’s a quick recap: After the KN episode aired last Friday, the couple received an outpour of internet criticism for their outlandish behavior towards their customers and employees. As Yelpers and Redditors put Amy and Samy on blast for all the internet to see, the couple took to the restaurant’s Facebook page to defend themselves.

To put it lightly, things escalated from zero to posting “FUCK REDDITS, FUCK YELP AND FUCK ALL OF YOU. BRING IT. WE WILL FIGHT BACK.” It was a magnificent social media hotmess. It was an unbridled and impressive use of caps lock. Yet in the end, Amy and Samy’s desperate attempt to save face failed miserably.

Which brings us to our handy list of “8 Ways to Lose Friends & Ruin Your Restaurant.” In case you ever want to  crash and burn your joint in an extraordinary flame of internet fury, just take a page from the Bouzaglos:


1. After verbally and physically threatening a customer, make sure to demand they still pay for their uneaten pizza. It’s a simple courtesy and if they refuse, ring up the popo for help. That, or call said customer a “weenie.”

Watch from 5:00 to 6:23


2. When the moment’s right, tell Gordon Ramsay to F*ck Off on national television



3. Make sure the public knows that your food is just as good as Walmart’s



4. Try to play Reddit God. Remember, ALL CAPS



5. Do a really bad job at stealing other bakeries’ stock photos

Pic 1


6. Serve delicious ravioli to a 3-time felon, then chase him out of your restaurant with a knife



7. Impersonate a cat



8. Deny, Deny, Deny


H/T Eater + PicThx Buzzfeed, Yelp, FB

By Charisma Madarang

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5 replies on “8 Ways to Lose Friends & Ruin Your Restaurant (Hint: Tell Gordon Ramsay to F*ck Off)”

Yeah, I saw that episode. I’ve been watching KN since season 1 and this was quite possibly – no, most DEFINITELY – the worst team of ‘restauranteurs’ I’ve ever seen. Amy was just plain psychotic (she should be locked up, in my personal opinion) and her husband lived in Never-Never Land, completely denying anything was wrong with the restaurant *or* with his wife. A lot of people couldn’t believe Gordon walked out, but I believe it. I’m surprised he lasted as long as he did. You just can’t help people like that.

Well their claims were that their facebook, twitter, reddit, email, everything was all hacked at once. Quit the feat for even anonymous. And then those master hackers…. What did they do? Did they sabotage the menu to say that they were serving cat burgers in shit sauce for $200 a plate? No. Did they fill the page with goats (like funny hackers like to do to piss off the hate pages they hack) or something like that? Nope. The master hacker went to all that trouble to hack all their accounts simultaneously to defend samy and amy and to attack the “haterz” in exactly the same way that samy and amy previously had on yelp, and if you’ll check their twitter page the same way they continue to attack people and put them down. Pretty nice hackers there to hack your account to defend you.

Also I’ve had my facebook hacked, along with my email (2 different occassions) and spam links were posted (or emailed). I changed the passwords to something much more secure and deleted all the fake posts. I did not call the fbi computer squad. In fact thousands of facebook pages and emails are hacked every single day (I see many obviously hacked accounts). The FBI would never have time to work on real cases if they actually even accepted a call about “my facebook was hacked”. If you call the FBI about your facebook or email being hacked, they will laugh in your face before telling you to change your passwords and don’t call them again.

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