11 Creepy Halloween Foods to Make Your Mouth Scream

This is a countdown of the scariest and grossest Halloween foods we could find—some of these horrors you’ve seen before, others are sure to make your insides writhe anew.

 11. Puking Pumpkin

The least revolting of the bunch, this creative way to serve guacamole will amuse any party guests. Simply carve up a pumpkin and use your favorite guacamole for this table piece.


10. Zombie Cupcakes

Now you know why zombies try to eat your delicious brains.


9. Horror Cake Pops

The heebie jeebies.


8. Eyeball Subs

We’re thinking it’s the color of those eyeballs that’s making your stomach lurch.


 7. Booger Bits

As Ron Weasley would say, “Urgh! Troll Bogies.”


6. Jello Worms

Squirming already? If you can get past the consistency, you’ll experience fruity, jello-y goodness. But that’s a big if.


 5. Dexter Blood Slides

Eat these sugar and food dye slides with tweezers for a disconcerting snack.


4. Shrunken Heads in Cider

An eerie beverage of baked apples, hot cider, and spiced rum. The sweet, sweet tase of decapitation.


3. Jello Brains

Uncomfortably uncanny.


2. Meatloaf Hand

Hey, we think we knew that guy. Meatloaf striking terror in our digestive tracks.


1. Edible Hair

The visceral reaction generated by the idea of munching dry hair…we have a winner! By far the creepiest thing you can put in your mouth this Halloween. Well. Don’t quote us on that.


By Cristiana Wilcoxon

Cristiana Wilcoxon is a college student in the OC area who is addicted to Trader Joe's. You can find her studying for midterms with a bag of their white cheddar popcorn in hand, daydreaming about her next meal.

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