National Foodbeast Day

When: May 6th, 2009 (All Day!)

Where: National!

What: National Foodbeast Day, coinciding with the International No Diet Day (INDD), is simply put, a day of food celebration! The ultimate aim is to eat for pure enjoyment, with no regard and for appreciation of one of life’s most important necessities, FOOD. Whether it’s saying “screw you!” to your diet, going out to that place you love to eat at, donating to a charity so hungry people worldwide can eat, or just gathering around massive amounts of good food with good people.

How: Just eat crazy. Confused? If you’re on a diet, forget it today. If you’re on a budget, splurge today. If you have a favorite spot to eat at, make sure you go there and eat crazy today! If you’re trying to get insane and cook at home, go crazy!

Why: Why not? Not only is May 6th No Diet Day National Foodbeast Day, it is the one year anniversary of our cute little website. No longer do we need to wait for Thanksgiving to get our massive grub on. From May 6th, 2009, forward, we shall stake this day on the calendar as our own. National Foodbeast Day! Oh yeah, the economy could use a little boost too!

Awareness: Deep down, a majority of us reading are Foodbeasts. To help in this initiative is super easy, join the Facebook Event, Talk about “May 6th” and “National Foodbeast Day” on Twitter, and come the big day, get your grub on! Also, we are greatly looking forward to all of your food adventures, so send us an e-mail at with your food/gathering pictures, and any information that might be relevant, and we’ll share it with the world! We have a few banners/flyers below for any use that you may find for them. Together, we can make this event a yearly movement! [/cornballness]

Etc.: We’ll be recapping all the crazy food shenanigans that take forth on this glorious day from Foodbeasts all over, and our in-house staff adventure! Stay safe, and May 6th, here we come!



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