Korean BBQ: For Non-Koreans

Our Korean B.B.Q. adventure went down at Cham Sut Gol in Garden Grove, CA, but don’t be put off if you don’t live in the area, just hit up the search engines and find one near you! One early Saturday morning, me, Marc, Giovanni, Taylor, Andrew, Victor and Dominic decided to have ourselves a little meat-fest so I suggested we get our Korean B.B.Q. fix out in Garden Grove. None of them had had the pleasure, so Taylor whipped out the SLR and we piled in to some cars to get busy.

For those unfamiliar with the process, we all opted for an all-you-can-eat, keep-the-meat-we-ask-for-coming, and we sit at our respective table with a built-in grill and do the work ourselves.  If you’ve already done Korean BBQ, and want to let me know how “dope your spot is”, feel free, you can even skip this text if you wish and just let the pictures hype you up for your next adventure. Moving on…we settled on some beef brisket, spicy beef, chicken and some rounds of pork belly. Have them bring out a little of everything if it’s your first time there, or can’t pronounce stuff on the menu. They’re super friendly and will make some suggestions, so speak up! Ask for some Bulgogi, personal favorite!

Almost as enjoyable as the meat selection are the side dishes they keep rollin’ out. Everything from rice paper, to egg dishes, to kimchi, bean sprouts and some other deliciousness I’ll probably misspell and was too busy eating to ask about. Once our table was set, the boys were in it to win it. Especially Victor down at the end of the table in the red. This guy had that far grill all for himself, easily put down half his body weight in meat that afternoon.

Taylor! You have to cook that first homie! On a serious note, make sure to save room for dessert, they got ice cream in the back, chocolate, vanilla and the best pallette-cleansing option, Green Tea ice cream!

Thanks for joining us on this trip. Korean BBQ is definitely the business! If you guys want to try out the place we went to (recommended!), make sure to head over to:

9252 Garden Grove Boulevard
Ste 10
Garden Grove, CA 92842

(714) 590-9292

Feel free to call them and check on the hours of course, and to see what the current pricing is on their All You Can Eat options if that’s what you’re planning to get into! We dropped around $13.99 each before drinks, tips and the like. These were lunch prices though. Either way, eat on Foodbeasts!

The End.

Words: Elie Ayrouth

Photography: Taylor Corner