Being Hollywood at Mels Drive-In

If you’re in Hollywood, it’s time to pretend you belong. Or, at least have some fun doing so. A few days back, our Celebrity Grub editor Marc and I took to Hollywood to help him cast for an independent film he’s putting together. Following a long couple hours of auditions, we took to the mean streets to find somewhere to feed our hunger. On our way out, we spotted a place called Mel’s Diner, serving up a mean happy hour, so we pulled in to give it a whirl.

Something about Hollywood. Above is a quick taste of what’s going on just outside the restaurant. Located across the street from the Kodak Theatre (Academy Awards Ceremonies anyone?), Mels Drive-In occupies what was once a beauty salon, boasting clients like Jean Harlow, Bette Davis and most of the major movie actresses in Hollywood. The diner now shares a building with the Hollywood History Museum, and the decor upon your entrance will make sure you don’t forget that.

Happy Hour was our draw, so we decided to sit ourselves right on the bar. Well drinks for $2.50? Get outta here! Our bartender/waitress was a fun gal, she told me about this Internet TV pilot she’s working on, and I promised to plug it. To be honest, I forgot the name of the pilot. And the waitress. So, if you happen to read this baby boo, just shoot me an e-mail! We came in right at 4 o’ clock (Happy Hour rings true from 4-7 pm) and initiated our buzz.

Make sure to sit up on the bar if you have head shots to look at. It will make you look twice as legit, and you can talk more loudly without upping your douche-bag level by many points. We asked our waitress about celebrities that came through the diner (other than us, of course), and she went off on a quick tangent about how Adam Sandler definitely rolls through on occasion. He’s a great tipper. His wife, unfortunately, is not. Tip up Mrs. Sandler, we watch your husband’s movies for a reason!

There’s our fun-loving waitress on the left. There’s my veggie omelet (gave up meat for lent, yeah, I know). Not half bad to tell you the truth, decided to go the whole-nine-yards and make it super healthy, opting for no cheese, a side of toast and a Bud Light as a successor to the Jack and Coke appetizers.

Next up, Marc decided to go with a diner classic, the Club Sandwich. A side of curly fries, and a sandwich chock full of fresh turkey, bacon, tomatoes, lettuce and mayo…get it in Marc! I felt bad not getting this sandwich myself, I always make it a point to get the club sandwich whenever it’s on a menu, but considering its main components are turkey and bacon, I figured I wouldn’t disrespect the process.

So if you’re in the Hollywood area, and feel like drinking and eating on a relatively cheap level, but still feel like you got an experience out of the entire process, definitely hit up Mels Drive-In. You can find a location near you by perusing their website. Even with my bourgeois breakfast-at-lunch meal, several well drinks and a beer, I spent only around 20 bucks. Eat on Foodbeasts!

Mels Diner

1660 North Highland

Hollywood, California

90028, USA