Adventures: Claws


The sun is out, June gloom seems to be nearing its demise, and the fish is abundant. That’s what life is like in Orange County, and our main Foodbeast accomplice Mang felt it appropriate we head into the depths of Garden Grove to start the summer season off correctly! We called in the reinforcements in the shape of our Nor Cal brethren Okita and our doctor-gone-astray-brethren Oliver.


Imagine being inside of a pirate ship…but not the normal swank bunk beds and rotting wood…more like the ballroom of a pirate ship, and that sums up the decor of this interesting establishment. Lucky for us (or unlucky of, depending on your cup of social tea), we came in just minutes after their 3 pm opening time to find ourselves in a near empty house all to our lonesome. Had we came in just a few hours later, we would have been greeted by a full house and a hefty wait time. Hint Hint.


We started off the festivities with a some beer, Cajun fries, white rice and Cajun rice. All of which come highly recommended, as we left absolutely none of them occupying their original dishes. Also brought to our table was a plate of limes that went nicely with the rice, the fries and the bags of varied steaming fish items. Between the three of us, we settled on bags of shrimp, bags of clams/mussels and craw fish. Plenty to go around…and when people tell you that it gets messy…well, believe them!


The prices here aren’t half bad either! Each of us had a jolly good time with a pound of bagged seafood of our choosing, for under 20 bucks each including the tip. Not bad for an hours worth of eating! Each seafood selection comes with your choice of seasoning, they even toss the corn right into the bag to get the best flavors! Mang recommended taking white rice, and the fries, and throwing them into an empty bag after your fish consumption, shaking it up, and pouring it back out. I guess it’s no longer white rice, but it sure tastes delicious! Don’t come in a white suit, you will be sticking your arm elbow deep into the bag and just squirting everywhere (that’s what she said).


Hungry yet? Head over to the Claws website to get their location, phone number, menu and daily specials. Until next time, eat on!