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Get Baked With This Delicious Recipe For Cannabis-Infused Brownie A La Mode

While it’s impossible to figure out who originally came up with the genius invention of the “pot brownie,” it’s safe to say that the concept will live on for eternity. Even to this day, folks everywhere are still trying to perfect and recreate their own versions of the legendary recipe.

Now, thanks to the newly founded legalization of recreational use of MJ in states like Washington, Colorado, and most recently, California, the aspects of cooking with cannabis are becoming more widely accepted. And, with more acceptance, comes improved technique, efficiency, and more deliciousness.

Since 4/20, aka the biggest celebration of cannabis all year, is almost upon us, we picked up your fave low-cal, high protein ice cream, Halo Top, to make the day — and the pot brownie — even more delicious. See our recipe for “Pot Brownie a la Mode” below.

Remember, everyone’s cannabis tolerance varies. FOODBEAST recommends consuming medicated edibles with oversight and caution. You can always eat more — not less!

Pot Brownie A La Mode Checklist

You will need:

– crockpot

– baking sheet

– oven

– cheesecloth

– cannabis grinder

– baking pan

– About 16 hours of cooking time


7-14 grams of cannabis

½ pound clarified butter

½ cup Cocoa powder

½ cup flour

3 ½ cups sugar

8 whole eggs

For the pot brownie al a mode recipe you’ll need 7 – 14 grams of cannabis and a ½ pound of clarified butter, to make cannabutter. Grind up the cannabis — preferably on a baking sheet — then bake for 30 minutes at 240 degrees.

After your cannabis is done baking, transfer it into your crockpot. Next, take the ½ pound of clarified butter and mix into cannabis and mix thoroughly. Let mixture cook on low for 6-8 hours.

After your cannabutter is done cooking for 6-8 hours, strain the mixture using cheese cloth. Just be sure that there is no plant material left. Let chill overnight.

Next, it’s time to make our brownies. Combine one ½ cup cocoa powder, a ½ cup flour, 3 ½ cups sugar, and 8 whole eggs into a large mixing bowl and stir. This mixture should yield a thick chocolatey paste.

Add in the ½ pound of cannabutter and one ½ cup of melted butter. It’s also a good idea to coat your pan with a nice layer of cannabutter so the brownies do not stick. It’s best to use a 9” x 13” or 11” x 15” pan.

If you only have a small pan, try not filling it to the top — the brownies will come out undercooked. You can use a toothpick to check if brownies are done. If brownies stick to the toothpick, cook them longer.

Set oven to 300 degrees and bake for 40 minutes. After cooling, cut and serve with a scoop (or more) of Halo Top ice cream (we used Vanilla Bean!).

Created in partnership with Halo Top Creamery

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Watch This Restaurant Turn Fried Chicken & Waffles Into A Cubano Sandwich

It’s easy to see why the Cubano sandwich trend has began to proliferate, branching out from its roots on the East Coast. If you think about it, the Cubano is probably one of the simplest sandwiches ever made, yet its simplicity is sparking culinary intrigue across the country —  and everyone is beginning to notice something special about the Cubano.

Having originated in Florida, the Cubano is traditionally made with roasted pork, ham, pickles, Swiss cheese, yellow mustard and lightly toasted on a panini grill. Its adaptations can certainly vary when it comes to specific ingredients, but all share the same no-frills approach to making an unforgettable and deliciously savory, melt-in-your-mouth creation.

This April, Bruxie, the fried chicken and waffle sandwich chain, will also be sharing their own Cubano concept.

Photos by Pete Pham

Behold: the Bruxie Fried Chicken & Waffle Cubano Sandwich.

Made with shaved ham, Bruxie’s house-made honey-mustard, thinly sliced pickles, and of course their crispy, golden brown fried chicken, all served between two savory waffle buns, this is something that might actually be better than Spring Break.

If you’re looking to experience the traditional taste of the Cubano with a twist from Bruxie Gourmet Waffle Sandwiches, you’d better hurry. Like Spring Break, Bruxie’s Cubano Sandwich won’t be here forever (even though we all wish it would).

The Bruxie Cubano sandwich will be available from April 5 – 25.

Created in partnership with Bruxie

Fast Food

Woman Attacked by Angry Taco Bell Customer who Blames Her for Missing Breakfast Cutoff


Every fast-food employee knows that the last 20 minutes before the breakfast menu ends are the most chaotic. Customers will storm the the restaurant and drive-thrus demanding they get their morning fix, regardless of the breakfast timer running out. One instance ended in the horrific attack of a Taco Bell customer.

According to KGUN-TV, a woman was ordering her breakfast at the Taco Bell drive-thru when she was assaulted by an angry Taco Bell customer. Detectives believe that the cause of the attack was the vehicle behind had just missed the cutoff for the breakfast menu and decided to take their rage and frustration out on the woman in front of him. This was obviously the best course of action rather than blame themselves for the hours they’ve had beforehand to order breakfast.

The woman reportedly pulled out of the Taco Bell when she noticed that the SUV that was behind her in line was now following her. Upon pulling over to call the police, she could hear the passengers of the vehicle (a man and woman) yelling expletives towards her.

A man then exited the car and proceeded to smash her car windows. Afterwards the man picked up a rock and struck the woman repeatedly in the face. The woman received a broken nose and teeth as a result of the attack, which unfortunately occurred only a few weeks before her wedding.

Despite this vicious assault, she says she will continue to go through with her big day.

H/T Consumerist


Cult Soda Surge Made Available on Amazon, Sells out Immediately


Arguably the most popular soda of our childhoods has made a swift return. Yessir, if Coca-Cola ever had a child with Mountain Dew, it was Surge. While the citrus-flavored soda didn’t sell as well as most of the other carbonated beverages stocked on shelves at the time, its absence has definitely made many hearts grow fonder.

Dark times fell upon the soda world in 2003 when the soft drink was discontinued only seven years after it made its public debut. The Surge Movement, which was created to bring back Surge years ago, has more than 130K fans of the cult beverage. Coca-Cola has noticed this and made strides to quietly bring back the niche product. Upon being released on Amazon, the cult soda was sold out almost immediately. Another batch was posted and then also quickly sold out.

Surge’s brief, but messianic return can be considered a sign that the soda will be here to stay. According to Coca-Cola, this comeback will be a test to see if it’s worth restocking store shelves with the product. Yes, Coca-Cola. It most definitely is.

Never have we seen a product get such a near perfect review on Amazon. That’s the love of Surge for you.

H/T Huffpost Taste

Fast Food

Popeyes Singapore Debuts New ‘Fizzy Pop’ Chicken

Popeyes locations in Singapore have debuted one of the most unique fried chicken meals you’ll ever have with the new Fizzy Pop Chicken.

Fizzy Pop Chicken starts with the brand’s signature fried chicken, then is topped with a new sweet, spicy and savory sauce made with a mix of tomatoes and chilies. The kick here is that it comes with a separate packet of fizzy seasoning to sprinkle on top of your saucy friend chicken.

The Fizzy Pop seasoning has a Pop Rocks-like effect, creating a dynamic experience in your mouth with each bite.

Fizzy Pop Chicken is now available at participating Popeyes locations across Singapore until October 18, 2021.

Deals Fast Food

Grab a 50¢ McDonald’s Double Cheeseburger on National Cheeseburger Day

National Cheeseburger Day is right around the corner — September 18 — and McDonald’s is celebrating the food holiday with a deal that’s too good to pass up

On Saturday, September 18, head to the McDonald’s app and order up a Double Cheeseburger for $0.50. What’s more, after your first purchase using MyMcDonald’s Rewards in the app, you’ll earn 1500 bonus points, which leads to future freebies across the menu.

Lock in that melty Double Cheeseburger from one of the OG’s for only two quarters, the satisfaction is an easy grab here.

Fast Food News

Jollibee Now Spreading Chickenwich Joy To Everyone

As someone who’s been going to Jollibee for the majority of my life, I’m almost entirely positive that Jollibee has had a chicken sandwich for a long time now. But here we are with news that Jollibee is entering the Chicken Sandwich Wars by announcing a launch of their own Jollibee Chickenwich and Spicy Jollibee Chickenwich.

The Original Jollibee Chickenwich has a marinated, crispy, double hand-breaded chicken breast fillet, that’s then spread with umami mayo and served on a toasted brioche bun. For the folks that think spice is life, the Spicy Jollibee Chickenwich features a Sriracha mayo and is served with fresh jalapeños for added crunch and heat.

Both the Original and Spicy Jollibee Chickenwich go for $3.99 each and are also available in deluxe versions with added lettuce and tomatoes for $4.49 each.

Fast Food Health News

McDonald’s To Host Free COVID-19 Vaccine Clinics Across Orange County, California


The COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc globally, though through proven science and medical facts, getting vaccinated has been the best deterrence to the deadly disease. As part of California’s ongoing efforts to make COVID-19 vaccines more convenient, the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) and California McDonald’s franchisees are continuing their partnership to set up pop-up clinics at restaurant locations across the state.

McDonald’s Orange County, California restaurants will be hosting a number of Pop-Up Vaccine Clinics starting September 17th, offering vaccines and free menu items to the public.

All clinics are open to McDonald’s employees, their family members and the general public. Walk-up vaccinations will be available at all sites, and some sites may allow for booking an appointment ahead of time. Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson vaccines will be available at all clinics.

Here’s more details on locations and times below:


Friday, September 17th | 1:00pm – 4:00pm (Buena Park)
Saturday, September 18th | 9:00am – 12:00pm (Fullerton – Imperial Hwy)
Monday, September 27th | 1:00pm – 4:00pm (Fullerton – Brookhurst)
Tuesday, September 28th | 9:00am – 12:00pm (Brea)
Wednesday, September 29th | 9:00am – 12:00pm (La Habra) 


McDonald’s Buena Park | 7861 Beach Blvd. Buena Park, CA 90620
McDonald’s Fullerton – Imperial Hwy | 205 Imperial Hwy Fullerton, CA 92835
McDonald’s Fullerton – Brookhurst | 1341 S Brookhurst. Fullerton, CA 92833
McDonald’s Brea | 825 Imperial Hwy Brea, CA 92821
McDonald’s La Habra | 1400 S Beach Blvd, La Habra, CA 90631

Food Fashion

Saweetie Can Help You Score The Limited Edition Hidden Valley Ranch Crocs

A few months ago we reported on Hidden Valley Ranch and Crocs getting together to create a limited edition Classic Clog model. The news was met with much hype and excitement, with many looking forward to the news at the time, especially the part about the Crocs releasing later in 2021.

Well, later is here and fans now have a chance to score a pair. To help celebrate the launch, Hidden Valley Ranch has tapped in with everyone’s favorite Icy Girl rapper, Saweetie, for an exclusive giveaway. By clicking the sticker on Saweetie’s Instagram Story, a few lucky fans in Chicago, Los Angeles and New York will receive a special delivery: fresh pizza, Hidden Valley Ranch, and a pair of the Hidden Valley Ranch x Crocs Classic Clogs.

Another way to get a pair is to visit from September 16, 2021 at 2pm ET to September 20, 2021 at 12pm ET to enter the drawing for a chance to purchase the Hidden Valley Ranch Crocs. Take note that you can only purchase these Classic Clogs online through a drawing system, so best of luck to all who enter!


Heinz Debuts New Packet Rollers To Make Sure We Get All The Sauce

Ketchup innovation doesn’t happen often, but when it does, Heinz is at the forefront, bringing about some forward-thinking solutions with their new Packet Rollers.

The ketchup Packet Roller is designed to get every last bit of ketchup extracted out of each Heinz ketchup packet, ensuring we all get our packet’s worth in red gold.

Condiment lovers can snag theirs starting today for $5.70 by visiting HEINZ Packet Rollers will also be available at Pittsburgh-based Primanti’s, an iconic sandwich destination, while supplies last.

Cravings Culture Sweets

These Tamales Popsicles Might Be One of The Most Creative Flavors Out

I’ve seen my fair share of creative popsicles in this line of work, but these new Tamales Popsicles from Ice Queen out in Portland, Oregon might now be tops in that category.

Ice Queen touts itself as the ‘world’s only all vegan popsicle shop’, specializing in 100% plant-based frozen treats. Their latest creation, which looks like a typical tamal at first glance the way its enrobed in a corn husk, gently reveals itself as a frozen treat. Pleasant surprise would be an understatement here.

These Tamales Popsicles are made with a sweet masa ice cream base, which is then filled with Mexican chocolate fudge. Truly this is one of the wildest popsicle flavors anyone will come across, which will surely bring plenty of curious appetites out to Ice Queen to experience the off-the-charts creativity for themselves.

Food Fashion Restaurants

Uncle Paulie’s Deli Taps In With Lacoste For Limited Edition Clothing Collection

Los Angeles’ Uncle Paulie’s Deli has grown a devoted local fan base with top notch sandwiches and also some fantastic merch, with rapper Travis Scott popularizing their logo caps.

Continuing their strong drip game, Uncle Paulie’s Deli is collaborating with Lacoste for a limited edition clothing collection. The capsule collection consists of fleece jackets, caps and long sleeve polo shirts, with dual branding to give a nod to the essential sandwich shop as Lacoste’s penultimate brand partner in the ongoing “Ode to LA” program taking place at the Melrose Place store.

The Uncle Paulie’s x Lacoste collection will be available exclusively at the Lacoste Melrose Place location starting this September 16 for two weeks only. This is definitely a cause for celebration, to which an open invite event that evening will go down, with DJ TJ Mizell providing beats. And you best believe that Uncle Paulie’s sandwiches will be on deck to satisfy all cravings.